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Title: SOLD-1992 Bandit 400 with lots of extras $2500 Portland Oregon
Post by: ae86andkp61 on March 16, 2018, 10:21:06 PM



My fleet has grown to the point where I'm looking to free up some space and I'm having trouble driving/riding them all enough to keep fluids circulating and batteries topped off. I want to find my beloved 1992 Suzuki Bandit 400 a new home. I did a mild restoration and amassed a fair number of extra parts, plus got started on an engine rebuild, as well as laying plans (and acquiring parts) for a suspension/brake upgrade. It is a nice, fairly tidy, reasonably-well sorted bike. At this point I have been riding it regularly, and thinking of a few more tweaks to bring it closer to perfect.  :grin: Here's the overview, and I can provide more pics/details for those interested:

-23,000 miles, battery new this month, tires in good shape, carbs rebuilt last summer  on JDM 33mm bodies (vs. US 32mm) with LiteTek fuel-resistant seals and o-rings throughout, as well as new Factory Pro jets, ridden periodically through the winter this year to keep her running well.
-Some minor small scratches here and there, most notably on the tail section. NOS mirrors, headlight bucket/trim, and other small parts were sourced and installed by me to undo the previous owner's 'upgrades.'  :duh: I had the wheels powdercoated bronze metallic. Tank replaced with the nicest one I could find-great paint and no rust inside!
-Hoping to sell the bike as a package with ~50-miles since rebuilt cylinder head (complete) and disassembled complete bottom end with new bearings, hone, piston rings, and assorted gaskets, etc. Includes new carb->head rubber boots! At least two (maybe three?) racks worth of spare carb parts. Spare bodywork in various colors, spare dented but non-rusty tank, spare exhaust (mild scrapes,) spare airbox, nice spare wiring harness, really nice spare switchgear, and more. Recently powder-coated spare battery box. Spare saddle, extra footpeg brackets, kickstand and other miscellaneous small parts. I have some brand-new consumables like oil filters, rubber parts, etc that would be included as well. I think there may be more, I just need to complete an inventory.

-I also have an ultra-ultra-rare Suzuki optional quarter fairing and solo cowl, color matched, but in rough shape. The fairing needs some fiberglass work and they both need paint. At the moment I'm looking to include them as-is. As spring wears on, or if the buyer requires, I may start the bodywork as I find time. I have some custom-mixed touch-up paint I will include with the bike.

-I have some suspension/brake upgrade parts I've sourced, most of them bought used and might need going through before install: RF900 alloy rear swingarm, linkage, and rear shock, and well as a GSX-R1100 alloy rear swinger and remote-reservoir rear shock, plus ZX-6R fork and RGV250 triples, and JDM Goose 350 brackets for the clocks and headlight…should all bolt together.

Clean Oregon title and Oregon tags good until 2020. Asking $2500 for the entire package. The bike and parts are located in Portland, OR, about 2 minutes off I-5 near PIR.
I'd love to find an enthusiast interested in the entire package, so I am not really motivated to part out at this point. I need more projects like I need a hole in the head, but would entertain trade/part trade for: Husqvarna 701/KTM 690 parts, fabrication tools, or something Italian (?) two wheels or four.
Title: Re: 1992 Bandit 400 with lots of extras $2500 Portland Oregon
Post by: ae86andkp61 on March 26, 2018, 02:14:19 AM
Sale pending....I will update this post once the sale is completed, or if the bike happens to come back on the market. Thanks!  :thumb: