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02 1200 bandit cam timing
« on: February 16, 2015, 09:59:30 PM »
I have a 86 gsxr 1100.
It has a 02 1200 bandit bottom end, silent cam chain, and cam sprockets.
It has a 1127 jugs with a weisco 12:1 domed high compression piston kit.
Ported and polished head, with 1100, or 1127 head. With 1100 cams.
Full dyna 2000 ignition system, dyna 2 step rev limiter running adv. curve 1.

It jumped time on me while idling. I take valve cover off and cam chain is loose between intake and exhaust cam. Since it is a silent cam chain. I can not use the (idler, chain)'part that the oem 1100 cam chain uses to take out the extra slack in the cam chain.

Can someone please send me photos ordescriptive time setting procedure for the 02 1200 bandit  since it has 1200 bandit cam gears.
I would greatly appreciate it.
And keep in mind I'm using the dyna 2000 electronic ignition set at 40 degrees before top dead center.