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1999 1200SX Rebuild
« on: January 31, 2021, 12:22:56 PM »
Hello.. Rerturnig to this forum with a new 1200S/ SX project.

I'm looking for someone with Bandit experience. I'm on my second fixer-upper Bandit 1200 - first was a 2000 and this one is a 1999.
Its a bit rough, but will make a decent fun ride. I'm working through mechanical and electrical details and I have manuals, microfiches and parts are available as you all probably know - pretty much what I need. Except someone to bounce questions off of.
Anyone here that can help? I'll post the specifics if someone can.


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Re: 1999 1200SX Rebuild
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2021, 11:22:17 AM »
1999 1200 SX
First - All the manual and docs I find references a TPS (Throttle Pos. Sensor) from '97 on. My bike has the connection, but does not have the TPS - its not missing from the cabs, it just does not have it or any way to mount it. See 'Carbs pic 1'. The only ID on the carb is 27E5 1 kK8Z1.
> Possibility - someone replaced the carbs with an older model, but everything about the carbs else matches up.
>> If this is the case, what is the likely issue I may have if the ICU does not sense the TPS? I don't believe this bike has electronic advance, or does it. So what would the TPS's function be otherwise, and what if its missing?

Second - There are two wires (Red/BLK and Green/Blue) that are cut at the L side wiring harness - See 'Wiring pic 1'. These come directly from the ICU (Ref A on wiring diag attached). In the wiring diagrams it shows these going to neutral switch (Ref B on wiring diag). However, the neutral switch has only 1 blue wire coming out of it from the engine and this 'blue' neutral switch wire goes to diode (Ref C on wiring diag).
> The diode itself has three wires (Blue/Blk, Green/Blue) - the blue goes to the N switch, the Blue black to the N light, and the green to the side stand relay. (see Wiring pic
> The N light is working - so the switch is working.
> There's only one wire coming out of the neutral switch on the engine - the blue one and its connected to the diode -
See 'Wiring pic 2'.
> The side-stand switch system is working.
>> Q - What are the 2 cut wires for if everything is connected and working?

Any insights to this appreciated.

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Re: 1999 1200SX Rebuild
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2021, 12:34:47 AM »
in answer to one of your questions, 1999 didn't have a TPS on the carbs; see attached screen shot (not mine)
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