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Red01's Bike Disassembly FAQ
« on: March 12, 2005, 02:03:19 AM »
Red01's Bike Disassembly FAQ
(8/17/02 12:23 pm)
Renovate my Bandit

I bought my Banded 400 last month. It’s my first bike and an excellent bike to start off with. Done more than 2000km since I have it and very nearly killed myself as well, but still enjoy riding it. Its dark blue with a silver frame and polished rims with 14k on the clock. I picked it up for a bargain (ZA16000 = $1600), but the frame has some rust on and need a respray. The carbs and engine also looks very dull and has some “white rust” on it. I want to strip the whole bike, spray, clean and renovate every thing but the only problem is that I have very little mechanical background. Stripping the bike can’t be that difficult but putting it back together is what I’m afraid for.

So what I’m looking for is some do’s and dont’s when stripping and renovating a bike. Especially how to clean the engine and carbs from white rust. Any tips will be appreciated.
(8/19/02 8:09 pm)
Re: Renovate my Bandit

Here's my disassembly tips for the rookie as well as the seasoned vehicle restorer... don't ask how I learned these.  

1) Take pictures, from several angles, before you start, and as you disassemble. Don't be afraid of taking too many. You never know which one may be the priceless one on re-assembly. (HINT: Digital cameras are especially great since they never run out of film and you can see how shots turn out and take any corrective action - like more lighting, closer or further away - before it's too late)

2) Label all hoses (gas, water, vacuum, etc.) & wiring connectors. I like to label the mating component as well. You don't have to use words (or even know exactly what the "thingy" is), just label both sides of a connection with a letter or number.

3) Take some more pictures. Include shots with the labels where you can read them. Have a wife, girlfriend, buddy, guy walking down the street help hold things if necessary.

4) Get a bunch of zip lock bags or other easy to find household containers and put parts in them. Write the name on the container of what/where they go.

5) Take some more pictures. Include removed parts close to where they go and any special orientation that may be needed.

6) If you have a part that's held on with various lengths of bolts/screws take pictures or notes of what goes where, especially if you can't screw them back into some piece when you're done.

7) Did I mention to take plenty of pictures?

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