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Hey guys,
Attempting to replace clutch on 2000 bandit 1200s, one ring is 108 instead of 101 inside diameter,got that, per manual 2 rings are supposed to be 2mm instead of 1.6mm in thickness. I'm getting to old or my eyes are that far gone but I can't tell the difference. Are all barnett plates...

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Hi all,

I'm looking to replace my front pads.. last time I used lucas organic pads, but this time I'm looking at trying some sintered ones from different brands.. I feel like I have to pull the lever quite hard (already have braded lines and no air).

Anyway, since my GSF400 onl...

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11 Jun 2014 - electrical problem

Hey guys.

I have a problem with my bandit. the bike has been sitting for a week or so. I started it up a week ago i think. Today I changed the CDIs plugs and re-taped the whole wiring. After putting everything back together, i turned the key, and nothing happend, no lights, no starter...

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03 Jun 2014 - bandit vc 91 pics

i was looking at the valve clearence on my 91 vc bandit, and took some pics, they are too large to post here so i linked to my danish page,
Hey all

I am doing a valve job on my 91 bandit vc, does any one know the clearance for the exhaust hi and low setting and the combined?

26 May 2014 - Broken valve stem

Oil seal came off with the tip of the valve stem.. anyone know where to source another? Or... how to repair?

GJ74A GSF250.
Now that I'm reassembling my Bandit 400 I'm finding that the wiring diagrams don't always make everything perfectly clear.

Could somebody please trace the oil pressure switch line from the front of the engine (at the oil filter cover) to the point where it plugs into the bike's wiring har...

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I found this mentioned in the manual.
I'm gonna put my 400 on a dyno soon and wonder how I would go about changing the mixture at idle?
Apart from the fact that that the manual mentions this.. if you look at the picture from the manual:


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Hi, noob here.  Looking to get a MK1 1200 and already thinking of all the different mods that I can do ...  :bandit:

Just a quick question about triple clamps:

- anyone out there still making after market triple clamps for the MK1 1200?
- what is the fork offset and the fo...

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12 May 2014 - GSXR Cams?

Hi All

Had a quick search but couldn't find anything definitive.

I've got the chance of some cheap GSXR400 GK76a Cams - are these the ones that give the GK75 motor a bit of a lift?


Hi Everyone

I just bought a Yosh RS3 slip-on and put it on today. It looks and sounds great, but there's 2 problems:
1. the collar around the can seems a bit loose - I've tightened it as much as I can, it just seems too big. I've double-checked the part number and its a match for the...

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01 May 2014 - MK1 B12 '97

Hello all!

Just got a big old B12 second hand. Stage 3 dyno jets, K&N Dual pods, carbon exhaust.. Showing 135 RWHP on the dyno charts with a top speed of 160 MPH!
It's running too rich at the moment and I hate the headlight and mirrors.. Will be doing some minor work making it look ...

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