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Evening all, I've been throwing a few ideas around for my 400 and have finally come to think about the exhaust. I was wondering if anyone has seen, heard of or know if an underseat system would be possible please?

23 Apr 2014 - different timing disks


i have a question about the different timing disks. As u can see on the picture, there are two different disks. I was forced to change the crankshaft on my bandit and i didnt check the timing disks. Now when the bike is put together, i have a question that would it work, or would...

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17 Apr 2014 - Backfire out of carb?

Ok so I've cleaned and replaced the gaskets in my B4s carbs.
When I try to start it, all I get is a backfire out of the carbs. It never seems to fire through the exhaust.

What should I check next?
Ok I cant get my sons 92 B400 to start. It ran OK last fall as I had it at the shop to get it running after buying it. It was pretty cold out when I brought it home and could barely keep it running. Guy told me it was because of the temps outside but would run fine when warmer. Bike sat all winter...

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06 Apr 2014 - Ignition Question

My little 400 has no spark, I pulled a spark lead from each coil and tested it with no results.
 I tested for 12V at the coil from the harness side with key on and there's nothing  :stickpoke: Should be voltage here? I tried cranking the bike over and still read 0V on the meter.
I checked ...

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05 Apr 2014 - Compression Test

I picked up a Bandit with a "seized motor"
But I can crank it over  :duh: I'd like to do a compression test but my repair manual says to do a compression test only when fully warmed up  :stickpoke:
The carbs are old and dirty so I'd rather not go through all the effort of trying to get t...

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So after some reading and research, and a good opportunity, I am soon to be the owner of a 92 red bandit 400. Im pretty excited. Apart from wrestling with the carbs and tuning, the biggest thing that the bike will need is to be repainted.

The tank is good, not faded at all, but the frame...

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02 Apr 2014 - Newbie

I'm the new guy. I finally decided that Suzuki wasn't going to bring back the GS series so I'm now the proud owner of a 2005 Bandit 1200. I stole this M/C because the P.O. let it sit (3800 miles only) and the carburetors had to come off and get degunked. Not much different than a GS (except the damn...

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Hi Guy's

Can Anyone please tell me how to remove my Suzuki Bandit GSF 1200N Governor, MY bike only goes to 204 km/h, i really would like to remove my Governor but don't find anything on the internet.

Thanks in advance

From what I've read, it's very hard to remove the damper rod because it requires a special tool (or something home-made).
However I was just wondering.. you don't need to remove this to replace the spring, right?
I can just do it like the following video? :

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24 Mar 2014 - Gsf400 project

I've got a project bike going almost all done with it. Last few parts I'm in need of are carbs cdi and possibly exhaust. Does anyone have any spares they could give away 0r sell?

23 Mar 2014 - SV caliper?

Can someone let me know if a first gen SV front caliper will fit on the B4? I have my original that I will can rebuild but the SV caliper isnt pained so the brake fluid wont eat the paint off.

Thanks Craig
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