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22 Mar 2016 - B4 Search Results

I've spent the last month working on my B4 just to get it to start without killing the battery every time. I figured it was something to do with the carbs because it would want to tick over but just take ages to actually fire, which is one of the reasons I ended up on this forum.

The bik...

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So over the winter I installed a new 2 Brothers exhaust and Foctory Pro jet kit in my 2005 Bandit 1200S.

I installed the 97.5 main jet and positioned the needle height at the third clip with the adjustment screws 2.5 turns out.

So I took it for it's first ride the other day.  ...

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07 Mar 2016 - Carburetor Installation

I'll be reinstalling the carbs on my 2001 1200 today after cleaning the jets.  I always have a terrible time reattaching the rear/open throttle cable end to the "throttle wheel"--you can't really see it or feel it with the carbs loosely in place.  The last time I did this, it involved ...

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Hi Guys

Are there any upgrade parts on a RF400 for a GSF400? I was offered a rf400 rolling chassis this morning for R800, must still get pictures. Looking at the pictures they look very similar, nothing looks better than on the GSF400 bits.

I'm so sorry I disappeared on you all after giving the forum over to Senan.  I didn't mean to.

2014 sort of turned into a shit show for us - http://www.archaicarcane.com/message-to-myself/.  The 919 was written off when a minivan hit Ryan from behind.  We're still cleaning that mess up. ...

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21 Jan 2016 - Litetek choke rubbers

Hi Guys

One thing I noticed when initially installing the new lite-tek choke rubbers was that there were burs left during the molding process.

Once installed these burs caused the plungers to stick due to the rubbers not sitting 100% in the carb. I initially thought it would...

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16 Jan 2016 - exhaust cleaning

hi i just rebuilt my bike and overhauled everything took a few pics of exhaust cleaning process

pics 1 and 2 a heavy patina had been built up on the exhausts

pics 3 and...

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10 Jan 2016 - Re: my GSF400P problems


I just got my bandit at $3000 dollars.

its $$&%$#@ing expensive here but I love it.

The problem is:

When I turn on my signals, all of the other light(Brake light, headlight, neutral light) flashes with it. any idea whats the issue? I went to the me...

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05 Jan 2016 - VVC Refusing to Rev

Hi Guys

I went to start the bike last night, just to check if it would, it's been sitting idle for about a fortnight over Xmas. It wouldn't start, checked it was getting fuel and it was. Battery was starting to die so I left it charge overnight.

Went out tonight and the bike st...

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23 Dec 2015 - Please help - carb issue

A few weeks ago my carbs were gunked up and wouldnt let me idle without full choke and the bike ran horribly
I cleaned the carbs, and put in new o-rings but now when i start the bike, it jumps straight to 10K rpms.
I noticed when i put on the new o-rings that the floats were sitting like...

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Hi Guys

First things first, I've just cleaned the carbs and replaced all the orings and seals using one of the kits from litetek. Set the pilot screws to 2.5 half turns out.

1) With out any input on the throttle stop screw and no choke, the bike will idle at 2k rpm, I'm guessi...

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Hi! I bought a Bandit GSF 400 (1992 / 22500km) for my girlfriend a while ago. The bike looks in mint condition, but the owner had left it standing for two years. Now it won't start.

I first tried putting new gas and starting with a car battery, also drained the carbs. Unfortunately the fu...

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