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19 Jun 2016 - Bandit Build 5b

Bandit Build #5 was the orginal build on this bike a couple of years ago. It didn't sell, so time for a re-build aka Build 5b.
The plan:
1. CBR 929 with 1995 GSXR 750 Forks. This gives better trail and rake numbers. It has a 2mm additional offset when compared with the 1995 GSXR 750 tri...

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09 Jun 2016 - Main jet upgrade

Hi Guys

I have decided that I am going to start experimenting with bigger main jets. I want to order 3 sets of these:
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27 May 2016 - Busa Shock on 1250

I have a 2008 and last year the shock gave up the ghost.  So, all winter searched out the different replacement shocks, and also read about the Busa replacement option.  I found a lot on here regarding Busa shocks and B1200 but not so much regarding 1250.  So, if this has been beat to death, shoot m...

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Looking at a couple of 1250s, are there any downsides to getting the fully faired one, or is it just a case of personal preference?

I'd be doing my own maintenance, are the full fairings an obstruction/a pain to get off?

15 Apr 2016 - WEIRD iDLE DROP .......

 Good Day all!

 Bike is running ..... seems to be ok!

 Twist throttle , engine revs , let throttle close ... engine idles down to approx 2000 rpm , ten ever so slowly idle drops to around 1500 rpm , slowly , very slowly. Just the last 500 rpm drop is slow..... weird can't fig...

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14 Apr 2016 - fuel leak

Hi, new to forum. I have been reading a lot about carb rebuilding. here is my store picked up 93 bandit not running. one of the choke suply (copper tube broken ) replaced carb -replaced all o rings set float etc bike fired right up. now I have fuel comming what apears to be ventline? at top of...

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07 Apr 2016 - Fuel hose routing ??

 Working on a 1992 GSF 400(the fast Red one). Prior to me arriving on the scene , there was a real knucklehead at work on this bike!

 I understand the Vacuum line from intake to pump side of petcock.

 I understand the fuel feed from petcock to lower port on carb bank.
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So I've been working on a GSX600F katana which has the same carbs as the GSF400 (BST33SS).
Like my bandit, it has the 4 rubber plugs on the idle jet, and it will draw fuel via the passage from the main jet.
The plugs on this set have shrunken and don't fit properly anymor...

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02 Apr 2016 - Full Exhaust from UK


Will it fit a 1991-1993 400?

22 Mar 2016 - B4 Search Results

I've spent the last month working on my B4 just to get it to start without killing the battery every time. I figured it was something to do with the carbs because it would want to tick over but just take ages to actually fire, which is one of the reasons I ended up on this forum.

The bik...

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So over the winter I installed a new 2 Brothers exhaust and Foctory Pro jet kit in my 2005 Bandit 1200S.

I installed the 97.5 main jet and positioned the needle height at the third clip with the adjustment screws 2.5 turns out.

So I took it for it's first ride the other day.  ...

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07 Mar 2016 - Carburetor Installation

I'll be reinstalling the carbs on my 2001 1200 today after cleaning the jets.  I always have a terrible time reattaching the rear/open throttle cable end to the "throttle wheel"--you can't really see it or feel it with the carbs loosely in place.  The last time I did this, it involved ...

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