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Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: smooth operator on June 04, 2006, 01:38:53 PM
I'll be working on a new Mcds in St.Clairsville starting June 12th- probably 23rd. In such a nice area for bikes,I'll be bringing mine along. Rt 250 down W.Vr. looks awsome! I think Sun.the 18th (just realized its Father's Day,my wife will probably get mad if I don't come home) Would be a good day to ride. Somewhere in that time frame,maybeSat the 17th.
  Anyone close by want to go riding? Anyone know the road conditions on 250? Last yr. I worked in Stuebenville,and alot of rds. were washed out from floods. I hope the rds are in better shape this yr.   Dan
Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: speedytriple on June 05, 2006, 01:46:34 AM
hey Dan i think could make a sat ride down that way. maybe talk roamr into coming down also. that is a GREAT area for bikes just palyed down that way last weekend. me and roamr rode about 300 miles in the area. great roads and little traffic. last time i rode 250 it was clean and intense. run it down to rt 7. i posted a loop in general disc. let me know when you are down there and we could try to plan a ride out. there are some of my favorite roads in the area.

Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: theroamr on June 14, 2006, 09:00:48 PM
Im riding sat the 17th in that area, wanna hook up?
Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: smooth operator on June 28, 2006, 09:18:06 PM
Roamer,I missed your post. I was already gone to S.Oh. Was there working for the last 2 weeks. I should have given you my cell #. Had some good riding though. All my rides started off on rt.9 and I went all over from there. 26 was a little dirty and rough till I got down to the WayneNat.forest,then got good. 260,145,147,148and then N.of St Clairsvilleon 519,151,152,153 both east and west of 9.Up and down 250,as far up as the water shed and I missed a trail I was looking for to go back south on from the water shed. I road most evenings after work.( I ended up workin 9 hrs Sat befor I went riding) but had a good ride Sun (both the last 2 Sundays) down into Wayne Nat. forest and toward Marietta.  Then today I road the bike home. I left the job early today and left the van for my son to drive home. I came home the long way,took 9 all the way to Youngstown,to 62 into Franklin to 417 to (forgetting the rt #of the best rd on the way) to 408 to 8 in Titsville to 89 to 6 to 426 toJamestown rd to 8 home. It deffinatly was a round about way to get home ,but it was the 260mile grand finnally.  Oh ya,88 in West Viginia,to some other rt to some other rt. then finished off with beer and a cigar. Life has been good! Dan
Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: theroamr on June 30, 2006, 01:49:20 AM
Good to hear you getting out. I always follow up with a beer and cigar too. The good life. WEll Im heading out 7-1 sat to that part of Ohio again. If you want to hook up we might be doing WVA rt 250. If you can meet us somwhere down there let me know. I'll check the board again fri. :motorsmile:
Title: St.Clairsville
Post by: smooth operator on June 30, 2006, 08:12:53 AM
I'll be with my bride this weekend,its our 30th aniversy. But I'll try to hook up befor the summers over.