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Real cruise control sounds great, but I'm not as ambitious as you so I just bolted up a Vista Throttle lock a while back.  It's great on long highway runs, it locks easily with a flip of your thumb and it's cheap (approx $25), but needs input up and down the hills  :wink:

I installed this on my B1250.  Problem with this is the metal collar that holds the plastic collar that is attached to the throttle grip.  I can screw the tensioner tighter but the 90* bend at the collar have a flex to it.  At some point, no matter if I tighten it more, it will only flex at the bend.  The metal collar does not hold the plastic collar tight.  In the garage, stationary, it will hold just fine.  Once the bike is moving, the vibration allows the collar to move.  On a perfectly level road, even a slight down slope road, I lock the throttle at 75mph and it will slowly loose speed.  It is not the slop of the throttle.  If it was, then at some point, the slop will be use up and the falling speed will stabilize.  Someday, I'll fab another metal collar with a heavier gauge material.

I had a NEP type on my old bike, Kawasaki Concours and it worked fine.  I thought I go with something a few dollars more but it did not turn out as I hope.

I kept it on anyways since it is good for a few seconds of throttle hand scratching if I need it.  In the end, I am more happy with the Throttle Rocker.  It relief me of my death grip on the throttle and my hand is happier at the end of the day.  If you get one, get one with a wide paddle.  The smaller paddle one does put a tiny bit of pressure on the heel of your palm and on a very long day, I can feel the irritation.
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