Author Topic: GSXR1300 forks on B12  (Read 4354 times)

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GSXR1300 forks on B12
« on: August 10, 2009, 06:29:10 PM »
Thought I'd write up a quick review of what I found after doing my front end swap. First off I'm using the stock bandit wheel, and stock Busa clip ons and busa rear shock without any changes made to the dogbones.
On the first few rides it immediately becomes apparent that it's a whole new bike. The seat height is considerably lowered from before, the whole bikes sits much more 'flat'. Turn in is much quicker, but stability even at speed doesn't seem bad, certainly not as stable as it used to be but not twitchy or unsafe. The bike now needs a whole new style of riding which keeps screwing me up a bit as I'm used to knowing my bike and doing a heavy amount of counter steering. Even though I've ridden it a few times now and had some spirited twisties I'm nowhere near as comfortable as I used to be. I'm sure this comfort will come in time and is due to the rider not the bike. It gives me the sense that once I get it figured out I'll not have to work as hard to ride as fast. (this may be a bad thing there's something nice about wrestling a bike)
Under heavy breaking the front end feels like a rock, I never thought the bandit forks felt too vague but there is a noticeable difference in rigidity.
I've had no issues with the bars clearing the tank as I get plenty of movement without hitting the tank. In fact I can still lock the front forks with the ignition lock, this will not be the case once the damper is mounted though.
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