Author Topic: IMAGES in posts on this board...PLEASE READ!  (Read 10366 times)

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IMAGES in posts on this board...PLEASE READ!
« on: March 23, 2005, 10:48:12 AM »
Please ensure your Display Settings are set to 1024x768[/b]
    The BBS is configured to use this screen size or greater to resize large images., A small screen size (800x600 or 640x480) will cause posts with larger images to scroll off the page, making it difficult to read.
To check or adjust your screen resolution in Microsoft Windows:[/i][/size][/color]

Start Menu > Control Panel > Display[/i]

Click Settings Tab[/i] and adjust screen resolution to 1024x768.[/list]

Your images must be on a share friendly web site.

    You cannot upload images to this board directlly from your computer.

    To display an image in your post, you will need the URL of the image itself, not the web page it is on. The URL must end with a graphic file extension such as .gif, .jpg, .tif, etc. or it will not display here. Then simply click on the "Img" button above the text box when you post a topic or reply, paste the image's URL after the image tag, then click the "Img" button once again which will close the tag.

    The result will look somthing like this when you are typing your post (without the extra spaces I've added):

    [ img ]http\\www . hostimageshere . com\pittersreallycoolpic.jpg[ / img ]

    Free image hosting site links to store and post your photos:



      Please remember that many of our members are still using slow-speed connections to the internet!  If the file size is larger than 300k or so, it will take a long time for 'dial up' users to display.

        You can check the image size of a picture you may be posting from another website, into a forum on this board, by 'right clicking'  the image, selecting 'properties', and reading the information. It will give  dimensions in pixels, and the file size.

        [/list]If you're pasting more than one picture into a message,  please enter  each image URL on one separate line,  and enter a blank line before you add another picture.  This prevents two pictures from displaying on the same 'line', causing viewing problems for us less co-ordinated!  Try to limit your pictures to 3-4 per message.   If you're posting a detailed message, involving trip photos, or a technical procedure, you should split the pictures up into groups, and add the groups as a reply to your original post.    This keeps a 'page' of a message thread from having too many pictures to display quickly.   The page limit for message thread is set at 10.   It's OK to post pictures you think we'll enjoy, but, please, keep this stuff in mind!

          If you really want us to see an IMAGE in full detail, or have no means to reduce the file size, consider posting the URL of the image as  LINK, instead of the image, itself!  This works for VIDEOS, also, and try to warn members what they're getting into![/list]

            EXAMPLE: "Warning, Dialup beware, this is a BIG file!"[/color]
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