Author Topic: B4 Valve Adjust - Tips/How To  (Read 16549 times)

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B4 Valve Adjust - Tips/How To
« Reply #15 on: April 30, 2005, 10:35:56 AM »
Hey Rob!

Glad to hear that went well, I may be doing all that in the near future.  This thread will be a great resource when I'm looking in there and am all confused.  (guaranteed to happen!)

My bike has been in the shop for 2 WEEKS getting the valve cover gasket replaced.  Whomever did it before pinched the gasket so it was weeping a little.  The mechanic said I just have to check my oil regularly, but I'd rather have it right!  But, 2 weeks of great weather is GONE!!  I'm jones'n BAD.:banghead:

They are also doing the head bearing.  On a bicycle, those are adjustable so you can remove slop as they wear, but this thing was WAY bad, clunking when I pulled up to any stop. (unless I stop slowly with the back brake).