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Fork Oil
« on: March 11, 2005, 10:25:52 PM »
Fork Oil
(5/8/01 3:33 pm)
Bandit 400 Fork Oil

Hi Bandit Owners,

Anyone know the correct volume and viscosity of factory fork oil? I'm going to replace my fork seals soon...

-'91 Bandit 400
(5/8/01 4:59 pm)
service manual says....

494ml of #10 fork oil. (or 106mm using a fork oil level gauge). race-tech web site says that the shocks use 15w oil. dunno if #10 is the equivalent of 15w or not. if it isn't, use your own discretion, depending on how stiff you want your ride to be.

(5/8/01 5:19 pm)
Well home made oil gauge

A clear straw. Measure and mark a line on the straw so you can see when there will be enough oil in the forks.
I think I read this from this sites tip section.
(5/8/01 9:40 pm)
Fork Oil Height's the skinny on fork oil weights and what applies to the B4.

US1 = 5W
US2 = 10W
US3 = 15W
US4 = 20W
US5 = 30W
(dunno what happened to 25W)

Now, Stock, the B4 comes with 494ml of US2/10W Fork oil in each leg, which comes to a height of about 106mm (4.17 inches). If you dump out the contents, and do not diassemble the fork, you will not get all the oil out, so you will have to fill by measuring the height. Using the straw trick is an EXCELLENT way to do it. Just mark a straw at 106mm, and drop that into the top of the fork. BTW, fork Oil height is measured without the springs or spacers in, and the fork fully compressed. Now, when the line on the straw matches the top of the fork leg, put your finger over the end and pull the straw out and empty the contents into your fork oil bottle. Keep doing this until no oil comes out, and it is the right height.

You can play with oil height and oil weights, though i ususally dont. In fact, i barely know what each change does. You can visit Race-tech and see what they recommend. I went to an .80 spring and 120mm of 15W oil....far different from stock.

Anyway, there's the stock info....

(5/9/01 12:00 pm)
Thanks to everyone that posted

Wish me luck!
I'm off to pull seals and measure oil.

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