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Author Topic: Evening, Bking shock doesn't fit a K series :)  (Read 885 times)

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Evening, Bking shock doesn't fit a K series :)
« on: September 15, 2015, 02:48:31 PM »
Hi Chaps,

Banditforum is down for a change...

Thought I would register and say hello, and also to say, a 2009 BKING shock will not fit a K series 1200.

The Bking shock is 8mm shorter than the pre 2008 hyabusa, and it will fit gen1 and gen2 busa's so one might assume it would fit a bandit, and well, actually it does fit, providing you do not have an airbox although would still be much further forward that I would like. I've still got the airbox on my B12 and I wasn't planning on going through the expense or problems associated with removing the box, going with pods and re-jetting / tuning the motor in the next few months (and wanted to get the b12 back on the road before the end of September for a trip), so I've just sent the BKING one back and order a 2005 busa shock.

It seems the bottles on the bking are more of an upward angle, meaning in order to fit it with the airbox in place you would have to actually chop the cover in half removing the entire bottom section. It also pushes the airbox downward and sandwiching the filter to the airbox housing and pushing the airbox against the engine - not good. I could have masacred the bottom of the box cover and had to remove the top shock bolt ever time I wanted to change a filter (granted not that often) but didn't fancy the airbox being jammed downward and against the bottle.

I'm a little gutted as the 2009 bking shock I sourced looked practically new, not to mention had the nice looking white spring that was spotless, but a busa item it is going to have to be it for now!

Anyhow there you go, already ordered the other one before they get this one back so hopefully should have it in a few days and get it fitted, I hope it's a goodun!







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