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SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: Throttle Cable / Carb issue? *Victory!
« Last post by Squishy on June 06, 2020, 03:54:10 PM »
Interesting..  I know this is an old thread but i've been battling this issue with my bandit 400 for 12 years.

I bought a new OEM cable, didn't solve it.
Tried every possible routing, didn't solve. I even had the cable directly from the carb to my throttle, straight through the air, and it would still do it.

It does not shoot up in RPM when I'm not touching the throttle. Instead, it only happens when I'm already on the throttle, e.g. 10km/h constant throttle. If I now move my handlebar to the right, it shoots me from 10km/ to 30kmh.

I think the issue is because the 400 only has 1 cable and no return. I can literally reproduce the issue with a bare cable (not connected to anything), then holding one end of the cable, and bending it slightly. The other end of the cable will move almost 1mm - and therefore twist the throttle plate.

I even had a custom cable made but it makes no difference. I have no idea how to fix this... I would like to use my 40 for moto gymkhana but this issue literally prevents me from it :banghead:
BIG BANDIT BANTER / Re: how fast will a 2005 bandit 1200s go?
« Last post by Cincykz on May 03, 2020, 08:28:12 PM »
Final update: had a pinched diaphragm on #4 carb. Installed Holeshot stage 1, removed quiet core from my Yosh because I was a hair rich. Ran up to indicated 160 or a hair over (2002 with analog speedo), slight uphill, favorable wind. Ran out of track. Still pulling slowly, and now will pull 5th, where before it didn't have the steam.

Not sure what the speedo error is on these bikes, but I was surprised the big girl had that in her. Not quite Rx/cbrxxx/zxxr stable at that speed, but not horrible either. Very cross-wind sensitive. (I'm assuming the Bandit was not a wind tunnel bike)
Not sure if anyone sees this besides me, but figured I'd update. Did the galfer 3 line setup, and happy with it. Feel is good, I ended up bleeding them twice. I think some HH pads are in my future though.

On the Shinko Ravens, they are a bit slow to warm up and lack the feel of a supersport tire. However, I only have about 1/16" of chicken strip on them, and they will wheelie and stoppie a bandit at factory inflation.

I had the front slide a few inches on me once, but I attribute a lot of that to rider error; I wasn't carrying enough throttle for my lean angle, overloading the front. I was able to throttle up and catch it no problem.  I would say a sportech or s20 would have allowed this maneuver with no slip, but they are a sportier class of tire, and the main cause was poor throttle application (not enough) and a little sandy grit in the road.  If these tires last long enough, I may go with them again.  They're certainly not the garbage that some people report them to be, at least in the first couple thousand miles. I will update if I have an issue.
Poll closed, but figured I'd give Dale a shout-out. Holeshot stage 1 with advancer, followed instructions to a T. Install took me about 6 hours taking my time, no issues at all. I have been into quite a few sets of carbs though.

During the install, located a pinched #4 diaphragm, which probably caused the soft top end I was trying to fix.

I've owned 11 bikes, including some very fast bikes (170hp +), and I will say that the Holeshot stage 1 kit really woke my bandit up. I'm guessing that I was down power from stock, but the bike now runs like an animal. Plenty of power for street riding. I also have a Yosh can, fully packed with insulation, and run the quiet core insert.

The Holeshot stage 1 is a good product. Jetting spot on the first try, and big gains. Stock drivability. The rare modification that I don't wonder if it actually does anything.
BIG BANDIT BANTER / Re: Connector on right side
« Last post by Cincykz on April 26, 2020, 09:44:59 AM »
I know old topic and probably resolved by now, but there is a small connector towards the right side (~1/4") to that supplies power to the carb heaters (if equipped-most bikes don't have them.)

The TPS plug is over 1/2" across, and I haven't seen a 2000/1st gen model with TPS.

If you don't have carb heaters, the small plug just floats around by carb 4.
BIG BANDIT BANTER / Re: how fast will a 2005 bandit 1200s go?
« Last post by Cincykz on April 09, 2020, 07:51:52 PM »
Update, still haven't been in my carbs, but checked the air screws, 1 through 3 were 2.5ish, 4 was .5! Set them all to 2.5, seems to idle a little smoother (although already idled well). Seems to run a hair better, and achieved indicated 148ish. I kind of doubt air screws adjustment would make a difference at Max throttle/rpm, but I was pretty level, and still had significant crosswind.

I may try the factory 3 turns out, although it seems to fuel pretty well to me at small throttle openings and idle.
BIG BANDIT BANTER / Re: how fast will a 2005 bandit 1200s go?
« Last post by Cincykz on April 05, 2020, 05:14:26 PM »
I know this is a super old thread, but out of curiosity for the sharp bandit/tuning guys:

On the track, acheived 140 indicated at about 9k rpm in fourth. Some crosswind, nothing horrible. Shift to 5th neither gained nor  lost mph. Pretty close to perfectly level, 55 farenheit,  a little under 2,000 ft elevation. Yosh with packing + quiet core. OEM air filter, snorkel.  I assumed my carbs were stock, but I'm wondering if they've been tinkered with and my bike is performing worse than factory. Did not run out of road, wide open and "stalled" at 140 indicated. 90 octane ethanol free fuel.

I'm about 210 geared up, full tuck behind a double bubble type ST shield, maybe 2" taller than factory.  Bike runs well as far as I can tell, perhaps a little soft up top compared to the mid-range.

Been telling myself to leave the carbs alone because it runs smoothly on the street (where I ride almost exclusively), but I see claims of and videos of guys running up to 155 indicated all over.

Just wondering if any of you sharpies think this indicates a tuning issue or is about right for performance. I'm tempted to try the holeshot stage 1 kit, but am also lazy and cheap, and was hoping my carb tinkering days were behind me. Thanks!
« Last post by Cincykz on March 29, 2020, 04:21:19 PM »
Thanks for the welcome and the replies.  Stormi, I typed up a response weeks ago and apparently didn't post it. I will get my carbs synced up, and have been considering a holeshot stage 1 kit. I have a Yosh rs3 can with full packing and quiet core, a stock filter and snorkel, and no idea what's in the cards. I'm assuming it's all OEM, as my muffler shouldn't deviate too far from the factory muffler, andy plugs don't look too bad.

Stormi, how do you like the RC390? I've been pondering one for years, that or maybe a Buell firebolt.
BIKES/PARTS/GEAR for sale/wanted / Re: Bandit 1200 Corbin seat
« Last post by Cincykz on March 25, 2020, 03:51:19 PM »
Sold to Mikenj!

BIKES/PARTS/GEAR for sale/wanted / Re: PM Racing mags off 2000 1200s
« Last post by mikenj on March 24, 2020, 09:13:45 AM »
 Will they fit a 03 mk2?
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