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 :duh:hi .last days i got carburator jet kit.main jet 105#,pilot jet 12.5#,starter jet 40#  and new jet. needle and needle jet.now how to adjust needle clip position and pilot air screw.
Good day folks,
I know this has been discussed on here but it was years ago and it was suggested I start a new discussion. My back is the 2002 1200S

So the other day on my way to work my speedo started to go. I was going over 50km for sure but it wouldnt go any higher than 40km/h....

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4th time trying to post 2007 1250 18765ish on miles. What is everyone doing
Hi All and sorry to bother you with this but I've been trying to work out my big bore options from the FAQs and previous postings and I'm getting a bit lost. I have a year 2000 gsf250 - what if any are my big bore options? Is there any way to take it out to a 400 with the internals from that engine?...

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First Gen 1200's

...seem to have a DESIGN flaw.
I was having chain wear issues...only getting 5-8000 miles on a chain. There was also a lot of sprocket-chain CLATTERING noise, especially at the rear sprocket.
I tried a few things... finally discovered:

1) the ...

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15 Nov 2017 - Rough CHAIN issues

For the longest time, (50K miles??) I've been having issues with my chain and sprockets.

Primarily, there has been a..louder-than-I-expect.. CLATTER across the sprockets.
Also, I was going through chains faster than normal (averaging 7-8K only).

I did a LOT of homework... ...

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Hello all, I am reinstalling my head and am in need of some info. I am replacing the 6 head o rings part # 11143-32F00. I have looked all over and cannot find specifications for this part. Does anyone have these specs? Thanks. Basically I am cheap and would like to source them elsewhere than Suzuki.

07 Oct 2017 - Bandit 400 Motor Build

Motor rebuild after a blown head gasket.
.5 mm piston and rings
gsxr 400 cams
Factory Pro shift kit
Barnet clutch
 re -look at a GSXR 1100 swing arm conversion from my current RF 900 conversion.

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03 Sep 2017 - GS500 Tail Light swap ?

I did a tail tidy last year and had to install an aftermarket light for the lisence plate. It works well, but it's a blue-ish light and it kind of clashes with the age of the bike.

I thought about this and I started looking for compatible headlights. My buddy had a gs500 from the same era...

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13 Jun 2017 - Foot Peg option

Found the following, ...since you can't order the Yosh one any more!
i need to synchronize my carburetor by feeler gauge any one know about the gauge ex;-(0.7mm,0.8mm) and i saw the manual carburetor service data instruction like this   (By-pass (B.P.)    #1:0.8 #2:0.7 #3:0.8 #4:0.8   <-)

12 May 2017 - change engine vc

Hello to everybody, i have a maybe tricky question.

I have the last bandit 400 vc that suzuki produced. I also have the previews vc model engine. can i swap them with no problem or do i need to swap the harness also and the CDI?
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