Author Topic: It's time to start planning  (Read 11095 times)

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Re: It's time to start planning
« Reply #45 on: August 29, 2010, 10:37:03 AM »
The trip was great!  :bigok: There were lots of miles of twisties.  The only downsides were gas stations were few and ones with premium even fewer.

I thought I forgot my camera, only to find it on the morning I headed home.
It was stashed in a pocket of one of my bag liners that I thought was empty  :duh: so, I didn't take any pics.  I don't think Matt took any pics either.  Mike took a few, but he, Freddy & my son all took off Sunday morning and headed home - missing perhaps the best roads of the trip.  I've asked him to post 'em.

We rode most of the roads highlighted on the Eastern Oregon map (top one) here:
(some of them two or more times)
(Ctrl + to make it big enough to read)

Matt & I were thinking next year ought to be NoCal... anyone interested?  :bandit:
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