Author Topic: if you get a "Spammer" message when trying to log in...  (Read 7307 times)

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if you get a "Spammer" message when trying to log in...
« on: September 17, 2008, 10:53:06 PM »
One of two things has happened:

1. You've been banned because you're a spammer. 

If that's true... go AWAY. 

I monitor the logs and you will be found, either via your posts in this forum or in the event that you do get activated for whatever reason, your activities on the site. 

There's no reason to even try any further.  Your posts are deleted long before they can be indexed by google, and before the links contained within can harm our members.

2.  Your IP address has been banned because the person who had it before you was a spammer and managed to ruin it for you.  If that's the case, please make contact with me, via another location (i.e. if your work computer can't access us, try with your home computer, etc.)  If you do make contact, please be ready for me to ask that you prove that you're who you say you are.  This is because we're trying to protect the existing members of this site.   

contact me at:

the first two words in our site name  @ storm  i dot ca
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