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Spark Plug leads
« on: March 13, 2005, 03:46:00 PM »

started the bike to go home last night and noticed it was very "burbly" and sounded like a cylinder wasnt firing, to do a quick roadside diagnosis i pulled the lead from the plugs as it was running to see which cylinder it was, as i put my hand on the lead going into cylinder 3 i was mildly tazered :shock:  , a bit of jiggling and it started firing.
I got home and had a closer look and found that the lead going into cylinder 3 is actually corroded away to nothing and has detached from teh plug holder, the insulation on it was burnt a bit and the copper was exposed (explaining the shocks i'd got).
As a temp fix i cleaned up the ends a bit, gave it a small spray of copper grease, butted them together and taped it up with duct tape. ran fine today (better than it has in weeks actually)

Anyone know if i can buy new leads off the shelf? or are the specific to the bike type? if i can anyone got any recommendations?

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are you talking about the peice that the plug connects too? if so NGK sales replacements. @ $10.00 each. the wires are part of the coil , but NGK also sales wires witha splice conecter

The lead is broken where it goes into the plug cap. can the lead alone be replaced? or am i better off getitng 4 new leads+plug caps.
I can only assume the others are approaching a similar condition and some of the ones i've seen on the net look pretty good for teh "pimp my bike" factor aswell.

Echo - What Jay said:
gsxr400 racer wrote:
the wires are part of the coil , but NGK also sales wires witha splice conecter

The high tension leads (wires) are an integral part of the factory coils. If you were to replace the coils with aftermarket pieces, such as Dyna or Accel, you would have the ability to replace only the leads, but for some reason, it is fairly commonplace for the bike makers to make their coils/leads one unit. (Sell more coils that way, I guess.)


Eh,my leads screw out of the coils......try that!

Trimmed back the lead and re-screwed it in, its better but i still get a bit tazered through the head of the sparkplug cap if i touch it while the bike is running which doesnt seem too good to me.
so i'm going to replace the coils, leads and caps in the next few weeks maybe get some nice aftermarke ones.
anyone got any recommendations?
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I bet you could get by with new caps. when it dark in your garage witha spray bottle of water spray the coils and wires and you be able to see more what going on. but i have NOLOGY coils accells are good had them too. dynas are great to so its your choice. :beers:
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