Author Topic: What's the difference between 06/07 vs. 08/09 GSXR 600 & 750 shock?  (Read 3363 times)

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Hi all, I apologize if this particular question has been previously asked & answered, but I've tried searching (both here and elsewhere on the web) and have not found all the information I'm looking for.

I'm replacing the stock shock on my '93 B4; from what I've read one of the readily available swaps is for an 06/07 GSXR 600 or 08 GSXR 750 shock.  Some quick googling shows that the 600 & 750 shocks from 2006-2009 appear very similar in design and -from what info I was able to find- similar in technical specs as well.  However, I encountered enough minor variations that I don't know what's correct and what to believe. I found some sites giving differing specs for the varoius models/years, but also some referencing the "06-09 shocks", implying that they're indentically spec'd for all four years.

What I think I found:
06/07 GSXR 600: 317mm eye-to-eye, 9.4 kg/mm spring (no info for 08/09)
08/09 GSXR 750: 317mm eye-to-eye, 9.5 kg/mm spring (no info for 06/07)

Suzuki factory part numbers (from
06/07 600  62100-01H10-163
08/09 600  62100-37H10-163

06/07 750  62100-02H10-163
08/09 750  62100-38H10-163

What are the differences between the models/years?
If the 06/07 600 shock and the 08/09 750 shock are a good swap, what is it about the 08/09 600 shock and the 06/07 750 that would make them a poor choice? 

If I had the extra play money I'd buy something shiny and new and properly designed for me & my bike, but with my 1st child due in three months (elated and terrified!) play money (and spousal understanding) is in short supply. So it's 'ebay all they way' for this guy.

If anyone can tell me, I'm all ears.


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Re: What's the difference between 06/07 vs. 08/09 GSXR 600 & 750 shock?
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I can't help with the shock question. If no one here knows try a gsxr forum.

 :congrats: but get as much work done on your bike now. Spousal support gets in even less supply once the baby is born.


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