Author Topic: Why to keep your gas tank full while the bike is stored.....  (Read 11326 times)

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Why to keep your gas tank full while the bike is stored.....
« on: March 12, 2005, 01:51:02 AM »
Why to keep your gas tank full while the bike is stored.....
(3/29/03 9:07:53 pm)
Why to keep your gas tank full while the bike is stored.

 and use STABIL...
Heck......keep it topped off PERIOD.....I think.
Here's the rust and crud inside my 4 year old b12 Tank. It get's cleaned out and the Kreem treatment this weekend.

I'm guessing I never experienced this before.....since my previous bikes (years ago)were used for daily transportation.
As a geezer, even during the season, my bike is parked sometimes for a month at a time. Over the may be parked for 3-5 months.

I HAVEN'T been using proper storage techniques! I WILL be from now on!

If you aren't riding your bike daily......or weekly with frequency...leave it topped off....and if you aren't going to use all of the gas within a few weeks.......use STABIL.

The mechanic that did my valve adjust and other services....said there was water in the tank, also. !?
He put everything back in running order......but left the tank empty, put an inline fuel filter on for me, and left the somewhat laborious
tank cleaning to me.

Guess those nice flakey chunks had something to do with my starting problem a month ago.
(Drained the carbs.....most of the gas.....and changed plugs...and it started.)

(3/29/03 7:43 pm)
Re: Why to keep your gas tank full while the bike is stored.

Being a 'crossthreader', the Kreem process is taking me a while!

I'll write up something for the product reviews forum when I'm done.

Here's another pix

A couple of mistakes I made......
I didn't have luck with using rubber stoppers in the tank openings.
TWO fell inside the tank while I was trying to press them in firmly.
One was a common sink type stopper......the other a large black rubber plug from a hardware store. The sink stopper was flexible enough I could fish it back out with some long needle nosed pliers. The black one is a problem. I may have to try to chop it up with a long knife....inside the tank.....and shake the pieces out.
I ended up getting some sheet gasket material........and cutting up a wooden cigar box for a backing plate. This method is mentioned in the instructions. Get a good seal!
I put about a dozen new, clean, nuts in the tank to knock some of the scale loose. (As suggested in the instructions.) It's also a pain to get them back out.......takes a LOT of shaking and gyrations.
I've got the A wash in now......which is a mild acid to etch the surface. We'll see what happens when I rinse it out.

The rust seems to be concentrated around the petcock area.....the lowest level of the gas. Guess all the 'gunk' settles there.
(3/29/03 10:10 pm)
Re: getting KREEMED

The A wash is working pretty well. I have one stubborn spot left. Guess I'll leave it in overnight....and see what happens.
(3/30/03 1:36 am)

DUDE! That's hideous. It looks like one of those "scare tactics" pictures of an alcoholic's liver or something. I gotta stop drinking and I mean NOW!
(3/30/03 8:30 am)

Keep it topped off, and also start it about once a month... even if just to ride around the block, or even choke and warmup in the garage... During downtime, I start mine about every two weeks to warm off the choke and keep the revs at about 3-4 grand for about 5 minutes... Then a couple boosts to 8. Just to keep the battery charged and run new gas through the jets.... Gummed carbs just plain suck...

Ride Safe,
(3/30/03 3:12 pm)
Re: KREEMED/damn stopper!

Got the damn thing! Speared it with a kitchen knife.......clamped onto it with some long nose vise grips...coaxed it out with a screwdriver.
Try to hide from me....huh?

(3/30/03 8:27 pm)
Re: KREEMED/damn stopper!

Congrats,,, I'd hate to think our fearless leader couldnt ride w/ us at the rally . Just wouldnt be the same, hey,,,,, I wanna see ya street fighter your bike . I remember you mentioning the idea .  
(3/31/03 4:05 pm)
Fuel Filter

I'd like to know, in detail, what make and model fuel filter you installed, and how your emchanic was able to route everything (filter and fuel line) in that uncommonly small space underneath the gas tank.

(4/1/03 1:36 am)
Re: Fuel Filter

Mark......I'm not sure what brand/model the fuel filter is.....may be able to tell during the day.
These filters are pretty common.......most bike shops should have them around $5-10. They're about the size of a small thimble....with hose barbs on each end. You cut the fuel line....and splice the filter into it. The filter usually screws apart so you can clean out the wire mesh filter element. They're problem gettting them to fit.

Roamr.....I daydream of getting a second bike....maybe a DL1000.......maybe something else. If the second bike is better suited for wouldn't take much for me to turn the Bandit into a streefighter! I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. First...I need to pay off the last little bit I owe on the pickup.......Not all of us are to afford EXOTIC EUROPEAN MOTORCYCLES IN 'HEY LOOK AT ME' colors......
(Just in case Mike is lurking...)
Old Bandit
(4/1/03 11:08 am)
Rusty tank

Try putting a handful of pennies inside & shaking them around ,they will scrape loose an amazing amount of crud
& u can get them out after. post on the the tank creme
stuff how to wash out first . need some in an old trials bike.
(4/2/03 12:02 pm)
Re: Rusty tank

The Kreem stuff is a 4 step process. First you wash out your tank with water and dish remove any oils that may be in there. You can add pennies or nuts to knock out and scale in the tank. Rinse the tank well...then add the included acid bath. You can leave that in as long as you need to...just agitate the tank to move theliquid around.. Drain and rinse that out....then add the second bottle...think it,s MEK......removes water and is REAL volatile...and strong smelling. Finally...the rubber coating finishes it off. It is possible to do the whole thing over a long day......but a couple seessions over 2 to 3 days gives you more time for cleaning and drying. Kit is around $3o
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