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looking for new bike
« on: February 23, 2014, 02:39:28 AM »
has been a while since i was last on here
sold my gj77a a few years ago due to the wife was bout to drop my 3rd wee one and as it turned out my first son  , HELL YEAH!!
since then , the dollars have started to free up and am lookin for a couple new bikes
prob another gj77a for around town , and i'm of 2 minds about an open road bike.
an sv650 looks good, but then , so does a k8 gixxer 600.
for an open road bike, i think i'm over naked bikes so another bandit maybe a no go unless i can find a faired in 650 bandit.
i also like the looks of a ( dare i say it) cbr600rr.
i'm an auto sparky / mechanic for a living, so i know just how good they all are