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Author Topic: You and your bike on tour photos.  (Read 1078 times)

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You and your bike on tour photos.
« on: November 27, 2013, 10:19:54 AM »
Along my touring rides, I often stop and get that photo I end up using as a desktop theme which I rotate as the mood hits. Hopefully I can get myself and/or the bike into a photo at a scenic spot or known landmark which proves I was there, and its not simply a lifted Goggle Earth photo,, :yikes:
If you have some great tour photos or your bike in a place of interest, why not add them here too.

So to get things rolling along, here's a few of mine from a few years ago to present.

Columbia River valley scenery near Invermere, BC, 2009

GT750 at Nicola Lake near Merritt, BC, 2009. Its running in the photo and look theres no smoke coming from the pipes.

Bandit 12 at Shuswap Lake district, BC, 2011

Bandit 12 at Christina Lake, BC, 2011

Bandit 12 at Campbell Lake, Vancouver Island, 2011

Bandit 12 at Pelton wheel art sculpture, Lillooet, BC, 2012

Bandits at the then newly constructed visitors centre in Osoyoos, BC, 2012

Bandit 12 at Galena Pass viewpoint, Idaho, 2013. The haze is from forest fires.
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