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First Gear Torrent Jacket
« on: January 06, 2008, 11:52:08 PM »
Aloha from Hawaii! First new topic post on the site and I know a lot of you guys can't get in much riding right now but this is something you might want to consider for the warmer months.

I've been looking for a more visible mesh jacket for some time, have the early version of the First Gear MeshTex in black, plus a Joe Rocket Rio (discontinued) with their coarser mesh plus leather sleeves which stain your shirt when you get soaked in the rain.

Came across the new for 2008 First Gear Torrent jacket which is a mesh 3/4 length sport touring or adventure touring type jacket. Figured since it came in yellow/black that would work for me.

When it arrived I was kinda surprised how much this thing weighs for a mesh jacket since it has a full liner, a ton of cargo pockets, flaps, straps, more substantial padding and sections of Cordura, etc.

A key feature is that after zipping up the jacket you can unzip the bottom to you have some room in your lap when sitting on the bike. Feels like an outdoor parka.

Took the lining out (I'm in Hawaii after all) hit the road and was pleasantly surprised that it flows air better than my early MeshTex (maybe its all in my head since it is a lighter color).

Tons of pockets including a pouch on the back, convenient for stashing a soft drink bottle when you stop at the convenience store but want to take a break somewhere down the road.

Check it out at your favorite online site or your dealer, not affiliated with the vendor, etc. just satisfied to have a longer jacket so I don't look so geeky with my shirt sticking out from under my shorter sporty jackets.

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