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Oxford Hot Hands
« on: December 04, 2006, 04:49:58 PM »
I've recently bought these, since winter's coming up fast and numb fingers are the worst i can get from driving in the cold. I choose this one over the Hot Grips, since it was cheaper, warmed up faster and the installation is child's play.

After riding it a couple of days, i can safely say that they work exceptionally well. Heat is damn good, i don't want to take my hands off the grips anymore, shifting gears without the clutch lever :lol:

But 2 minor points. Primarely, the heat is localized in certain parts of the overlay's, so you'd have to position them where you prefer  the heating.
Secondly, since these are overlay's over your standard grips, the feeling is different and you need to get acquainted with this new feeling. The overlay's are not sliding around over your grips, the sticky stuff on the inside is doing it's job perfectly  :wink:

So, in short, i think it's a pretty good bang for buck and you can even take it off quickly and use it on your next or other bike.
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