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Sargent Seat for B1250
« on: May 21, 2010, 05:05:39 PM »
I've been wanting to do this ever since a 750-mile day at the end of a 2,000 mile 4-day trip last August.

Here's what I found waiting for me on the front stoop three nights ago:

I eagerly opened the box, and found the seat well-cushioned by foam peanuts:

The first thing that struck me was the quality of the seat.  It far exceeds my expectations.  Although, I wonder why they went to the expense of putting a really cool, high-quality advertising sticker where no one will see it ("SUPERIOR COMFORT THROUGH DYNAMIC CUSHIONING" - my butt can't wait!):

The build quality is outstanding, even better than I had hoped for; the hardware all stainless steel; everything looks very sturdy:

The tool compartment will be nice.  Although I don't think my toolkit will actually fit there, I'll find some use for the space:

Another nice touch - Sargent put an extra layer of soft anti-scratch fabric at the front of the seat pan, where any contact with the fuel tank will occur:

OK, here are some comparisons.  While not really much wider than the stocker, the rear portion is dished out and flatter, providing a consistent contact patch across the entire buttockal area, rather than pressure directly on the ischial tuberosities:

Note: in the picture above, the stitching on the Sargent looks crooked; this is just the angle at which I took the picture.  It's straight as an arrow, as evidenced in other pictures below.

Here's a side by side, showing the extra padding on the Sargent (incidentally, I went with the Sargent "Standard" height, which is higher than stock by about 1" (25mm).  I have a 32" inseam (81cm), no problem with reach to the ground, so I wanted as much padding as possible for those long days.):

The dished-out portion is actually slightly deeper than the pictures show.  This is due to the cover not being glued down to the seat foam.  I could push down on the cover about 1/4"  (6mm)

The seat was SOOOOO comfortable on my test ride; I cannot wait to get it out for an extended run.  Being an inch higher than stock, and firmer, the extra height is noticeable, but for me is not a problem.  It actually improves the knee angle slightly, a plus for long rides.

Kudos to for a great shopping experience, and for the lowest cost I could find for this seat - $364.95, free shipping.

Hope this may help some others who are looking for long-distance comfort.
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