Author Topic: Board RULES and Guidelines! PLEASE READ before posting!  (Read 7833 times)

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Board RULES and Guidelines! PLEASE READ before posting!
« on: June 04, 2005, 06:11:04 PM »

   We don't have many rules,(usually don't need them), but there are a few designed to keep this board operating efficiently, and a fun place with good information! :motorsmile:

  This board is targeted toward ADULTS, and may have ADULT CONTENT!
As such, we require you to be OVER 18 to participate.   You are also responsible for adherence to whatever local laws or regulations pertain the the internet.

  SPAM is not allowed!    (for the purposes of this board, SPAM is defined as messages promoting 'non-motorcycle' commercial interests, or 'motorcycle' related commercial interests in the WRONG forum!)

  FLAME WARS are not allowed!   You can disagree, but do it civilly!

   PROFANITY isn't needed.   'Colorful' language is OK, when used in moderation.

   We have a diverse, world-wide membership.  Language skills vary.
  Some members are writing in a second, or third language.    There is also the presence of 'cultural' differences.   Be patient, and considerate.
  We're all here for the same reason...
  If you read a message, and you're it again!   You may be mis-interpreting it.

  You must register with a VALID email address, and maintain one in your member profile!   We won't 'spam' you, or knowingly allow anybody else to.   If your email adress turns out to be invalid, your account may be deleted!

  There may be a modest of amount of 'Adult' material within some forums.   This is not a PORN site, but some of us enjoy material intended for 'mature' audiences.   If you're offended, please don't read the messages!

   You may have an  'emergency', and are desperate for some response with a remedy for your problem.   Be patient!  It may be hours, or days, before somebody responds with the information you're looking for.


  All rules subject to change or modification!

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Board RULES and Guidelines! PLEASE READ before posting!
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2006, 02:00:36 PM »
Typing in ALL CAPS is considered bad 'Netiquette', to steal a word from Red01.  Whether inteded or not, its viewed by most of the world as screaming.  Please refrain.

Thanks! :bigok:  :beers:  :grin:
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