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Registration Information, read before registering!
« on: March 05, 2005, 10:13:44 PM »

  The REGISTRATION process has changed, and is now slower, and more screwed up than before!
  Be patient!

  After you've filled in the registration form, and clicked to submit,
 an EMAIL is sent to the ADMINS.   An ADMIN must respond to this email before your account is activated.
  Once an ADMIN activates your account, you can log in.
  Make sure you can remember the user name and password you set when you registered.  You'll need these to log in.
   After your account is activated, why not fill in some information in your PROFILE?   You don't have to get too detailed!   Select an avatar while you're there.

  You can possibly speed the registration process up a bit by posting a message in the 'Registration Help' forum, right after you register.
  You don't have to be logged in to post in this forum, only.
  Your message will show up as posted by 'guest'. If you post in this manner, be sure to tell us what your user name is so we can find you!

  In this message, you can say something like "Hi, I'm BanditXLR8TER and I just registered.  Please activate me."
  You don't need to list your email address in this message, or give your password... in fact, don't do that! Just whatever username you registered with.

   Your account will be activated by the first ADMIN who sees your account request.

   It usually doesn't take long, a few hours, to a day, but please be patient.

      Please start a new message thread concerning your account activation.
   If you reply to an existing thread in the forum, we may not readily notice your request, if it's mixed in with other messages.

    We just need the USERNAME you registered with.  Make sure it's in the message!   We don't need, or want email addresses, or passwords.

      We reserve the right to NOT activate anyone!   We don't 'spam' you, or allow anyone else to.
  If you're manually activated, and it's determined later that you have listed a bogus email address, your account may be deleted.
   This is for the protection of our members!
   PLEASE maintain a current, valid, EMAIL address in your PROFILE.
   We don't allow any SPAM on this board.
   If you're joining this board SOLELY to promote a commercial product, you're allowed to, ONLY if it's 'motorcycle related', and you do it in the appropriate forum.


 At most, this board emails all members maybe 1-4 times a year.   I don't do it often since 1/3 of the emails come back 'bounced' due to invalid email addresses.
  Sometimes I get pissed, and start deleting suspect accounts!

    Please keep your email address current, and valid.

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