Author Topic: Crossing 24,000 at 45  (Read 1269 times)

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Crossing 24,000 at 45
« on: September 01, 2006, 03:52:34 PM »
A little sharing:

Wednesday I took the day off to go riding.  I followed the Great River Road north from Memphis, vearing off the highway at Halls TN to enjoy some nice high-speed riding along the elevated roadway.  Once I passed Reelfoot Lake, I was going to check out some of the river towns in KY, but at Hickman I saw a sign for a ferry across the Mississippi River.

The ferry was just a flatbed but it could hold anything from an 18-wheeler to a tractor, and the ride was as smooth as glass, and I met some interesting folks (including a couple on overpacked tour bikes from Vancouver Island BC, and had ridden across Canada and down the east coast of the US so she could ride through the last four states she needed to have ridden in all 49 continental states.  She was a bit of a character, said she was 64 years old, had put 25K on her bike last year, and had to retire her last bike after 200K miles.

I had trouble finding the River Road that would take me to New Madrid, so I hooked up with I-55.  Turns out there wasn't much to see there, so I ended up cross the river at Caruthersville MO and then followed my route back home.

Got home a little after 5PM with nearly 400 miles under my wheels, with less than an hour tp shaower, eat, and saddle up to head downtown to Bikes of Beale.  (So anyone who says the Bandit's not comfortable just isn't trying hard enough!)

Had a great time on Beale...el bandido hit 24,000 miles early in the day, and I hit 45 (we both hit triple digits on some of those back roads).
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