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Headlight Adjustment/Replacement
« on: July 01, 2007, 02:56:08 AM »
Should apply to '05+ B650, '06 B1200, and '07+ B1250 models.

The high and low beam bulbs are both 55w H7's, arranged vertically, with the lo-beam on top and the hi-beam on the bottom. The blue arrows indicate the two side-lights that illuminate the "wings":

When the handlebar switch is on the"High Beam" position, the low beam bulb remains on, so both bulbs are illuminated. The same thing as when the passing button is depressed.

The left/right beam adjustment is done by inserting a 5mm allen wrench into this hole located in the dash panel under the tach:

To replace the lo-beam bulb, the instrument cluster must be removed. This is done by removing the two allen screws shown here:

With the instrument pod placed off to the side, the lo-beam socket is easily accessed (white arrow). There is a spring clip and rubber boot. The yellow arrow indicates the left/right adjuster that is located under the little hole shown previously:

The hi-beam socket and up/down adjuster is identical, but must be accessed by reaching up under the front left edge of the fairing and feeling for it. It's held on by a spring clip just like the lo-beam socket, and the adjuster takes a 5mm allen wrench also.

You're gonna have to use your imagination here, all the pics I tried to take up underneath the fairing didn't turn out.  :wink:
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