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(1/18/01 11:08 pm)
NEW STUFF!  Truth about clip-ons OK...

As Shane suggested earlier, you cannot put some clip-ons onto the bandit without removing the headlight. I was puzzled so looked into it.

If you look at the Bandit's head area (upper stanchions on the fork) you will see a cheap stamped steel holder for both te headlights and turn signals.... it is my experience that this gets into the way with clip-ons that are a bit thicker in the clamp area (that is protruding down on the stanchion to the headlight holder) If you remove this butt-ugly piece of tin, you can't hold your headlight or tun signals anymore, which for some is fine, but for me it isnt.

Go to Motorcycle accessory warehouse (or any LP dealer) and get a headlight bracket that mounts on 41 mm stanchions. Ask your local dealer to search for turn-signal mounts for the stanchions as well, if your dealer cannot find them, i know Irfan at Wild Hair can get them, but the are pricey. Next, search ebay or the scrap yards for a 41 mm flat (without handlebar clamps) upper triple clamp. Bikes like the 8898 Katana, gsxr's and such will fit. to see if a certain bike's triple clamp will fit, go to and go thru the fitting instructions, but select THAT bike instead of the bandit, and it will tell you the size of the stanchions (which are always spaced right, that is 100% of triple clamps with 41mm will fit)

Just adding some friendly tips....

Later Banditos
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(1/22/01 1:15 pm)
Re: NEW STUFF! Truth about clip-ons

If I go with an old Katana ('87 to '98) triple clamp and clip-ons, will I really run into any problems with the headlight bracket. I previously owned a 1991 Katana and I vaguely recall that the clip-ons in fact mounted above the triple clamp (not positive). Any feedback would be great because I going to go out this weekend to the local junk yards in San Diego to get a Katana triple clamp and clip-ons

(1/22/01 11:08 pm)
Re: NEW STUFF! Truth about clip-ons No....

You will not run into the problem if you pull the stanchions up through the upper triple clamp and clamp the clip-ons onto that...

Myself, i like them lower, under the triple clamp and was assuming that most people wanted to go with clip-ons for the same reason......though, with the vanity addition of the upper FLAT triple clamp, im sure some people will be adding them for looks, and they do look killer.

Jeff out.

(1/25/01 1:07 pm)
Re: NEW STUFF! Truth about clip-ons

Ok. So if I decide not to go with the katana clip-ons and triple clamp, where can I get cheap clip-ons. I know I can search local salvage yards here in San Diego but what about new ones. Is there anything out there around $100. Everything I see starts at about $160 or so, which if I wasn't maintaining 3 bikes would not be bad. I'm not racing the bike so I really don't care about weight.

(1/25/01 2:38 pm)
AirTech Clip-ons

You can get you a set of AirTech clip-ons for around
$75 + shipping.

(3/2/01 8:16 pm)

I'm in the middle of convering mine, I bought a 95 Katana top clamp and clipons off of a guy for $25. The top clamp didn't seem to be spaced right, and the hole is the wrong size for the stem nut. Plus the mounting pads on the underside didn't have the provisions for the gauge mounts. So, I did what any stock car mechanic would do, put my bandit clamp in the vise, whipped out the sawzall, and hacked off the handlebar towers. Even left the wood blade in the tool... Now, I had a sick, ugly looking top clamp. So I reshaped the surface down with a makita grinder and a grinding wheel, then when the area was relatively flat, I swaped in a sait blending disc and cleaned it up, drilled, tapped, and later heli-coiled the clamp for the two bolts that hold the stock Katana clipon brackets in place (10x1.25, most places only had 10x1.5 hardware) I'm hand polishing it the rest of the way, there are two triangle shaped holes from the stand, and two small indentations from the bolt holes for the stock bar towers. These can be filled easily, I have a spool gun so it wasn't a big deal. It now looks like a Katana clamp setup but there are NO problems mounting anything back up, it's all stock. It would be fairly easy to do, take it to a decent welder with a tig setup, it's easier to clean up, and it ended up costing me less than 25, my buddy with a 95 Katana screwed up his clamp taking out the ignition switch. I should also be able to chop my stock bar into two lengths of bar to use as spare bars - the Katana units are replaceable. I'll post pics when it's fully polished.

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(3/18/01 12:07 am)
Re: clipon

I guess that I am new to the block could somebody explain to me the benefits of clipons. (ie. What is the differance between stock and them??)
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