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Clutch Cable
« on: March 13, 2005, 03:31:13 PM »
I wont be doing much riding in the coming days, my damn clutch cable snapped on me last night about 3 miles from home, i got a bit of clutchless shifting practise in though.
How hard a job is replacing it?

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nah..very easy brings it to the bike shop an they put a new one on!

(a very hung over) James.

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I mock your bike shop going to james :)
Got a cables from a b400, i think its a tiny bit too long as its at maximum adjustment at both ends and the clutch still engages much farther in than it used to (ie when the lever is closer to the bar), but shifting is now much smoother and the clunk i was getting when changing into first is gone.
Easiest job i've done on the bike so far, only took 20 mins, and that was out in the rain, in the dark last night with a headtorch on.
Man i wish i had a garage :(
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