Author Topic: Yoshimura RS3 Slip On and OEM hard bags  (Read 7230 times)

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Yoshimura RS3 Slip On and OEM hard bags
« on: May 10, 2014, 02:34:32 PM »
Hi Everyone

I just bought a Yosh RS3 slip-on and put it on today. It looks and sounds great, but there's 2 problems:
1. the collar around the can seems a bit loose - I've tightened it as much as I can, it just seems too big. I've double-checked the part number and its a match for the bike and the stainless variety of can
2. The angle of the can is up slightly so it makes contact with the bottom of the OEM (Givi) hard bag. I'd have to think I'm going to have melting/burning issues if I put on the bag.

I saw an old post on here from 2008 from a guy who sounds like he has a fix:
FYI for those of you that haven't heard. Most after market slip-on cans that come with a mid-pipe and are designed to fit the B1250 stock, will fit a B1250 with touring hard cases. The only added thing required is rotation of the mid pipe bend so that the can will clear bot the hard case and the swing arm which requires only a slight angular difference, also a extension for the can hanger (metal hole strap, Home Depot). It has already been tried with Yoshimura tri-oval slip-on and if fit just fine without binding, plenty of clearance for both the sing arm and hard cases and even the stand stop still functions properly.
I'm not sure what he means by rotating the mid pipe. What's involved with that? Also, he talks about an "extension for the can hanger (metal hole strap, Home Depot)". Does anyone have any experience with this? thanks, J.