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Handle it or lose it - Innovative website helps motorcyclists stay safe on the roads
Source: Highways Agency
Published Friday, 3 June, 2005 - 15:18
New website pages launched today will be helping motorcyclists across the UK to enjoy safer journeys and to report problems they experience on the roads.

'Handle It or Lose It' - - is a one-stop website where riders can plan their routes and see where - and learn why - most motorbike accidents occur.

It also features an electronic reporting facility where bikers can highlight where they have come off their bikes.

The new features are launched today as part of a nationwide effort to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on the UK's roads. The Highways Agency has joined forces with the 'Handle It or Lose It' campaign to advise motorcyclists about roads where they may need to take extra care.

The two new features are:

- `Your route to a better ride', a brand new system using Multi Map technology. It overlays motorbike crash data on to detailed maps using symbols to represent fatal or serious injuries. A third symbol displays information relating to bends or junctions where riders have got it wrong or collided with other vehicles.

- 'Where did you go down?' is the other facility being launched today. Riders from all over the country are invited to share their experiences of problem roads online as a warning to others. This information is passed on to the relevant highway authorities.

The aim is to encourage highway authorities to consider engineering or maintenance work for the specific routes that cause riders problems, as well as warning other motorcyclists about sections of roads that may throw up challenges.

The new website features will be promoted around the country on a `Handle It or Lose It` trailer which will be seen at a series of bike events, including this weekend's British Superbike (BSB) championship round at Croft, North Yorkshire. Leaflets encouraging bikers to use the site will also be available through local motorcycle dealers.

Stuart Lovatt, Road Safety Action Plan Co-ordinator for the Highways Agency, said:

"We want to reach the more mature, leisure bikers who seem to be involved in an unusually high number of accidents. We need to embrace new ideas and technology to target and interact with this particular group and `Handle It or Lose It` is a new and innovative method. Both the reporting system for riders and the new map facility showing where motorcycle accidents have happened open up, for the first time, an electronic dialogue between the Highways Agency and the rider."

Riders of high-powered motorcycles are among a group who feature highly in casualty rates. Since its launch in April 2003, 'Handle It or Lose It' has delivered a wide range of information and advice including riding tips, advice, rider-coaching and the opportunity to share heart-stopping moments with riders from around the world.

What makes unique is the way in which it delivers this message. It is written by riders for riders.

Mike Robinson, Head of Engineering & Transportation at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, said:

"As a sports bike rider for some 10 years I am very impressed by the methods adopted in the 'Handle It or Lose It' campaign. They show a clear understanding of the target audience and use one of the best means of attracting attention - humour. The campaign will undoubtedly continue to grow and attract attention from motorcycle riders like myself. Exchanging information through a humorous medium like this campaign will appeal to motorcyclists and has a great chance of further success as a result; ultimately reducing the risk of casualties."
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Innovative website helps motorcyclists stay safe on the road
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Nice one Pete! good site, did you look at the tank slapping? how funny.
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