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Petcock broken
« on: April 03, 2005, 10:01:43 AM »
As i was fitting the new exhaust pipes to the bike yesterday, i removed the radiatior and flushed my cooling system while i was at it, To refill the cooling system i had to take off the tank, after refilling it, replacing the tank and firing it up it was running really badly, wouldnt rev above 10000rpm without massive backfiring and choking.

 I assumed this was due to the new pipe and it not being able to breathe at high rpms, possibly a clogged air filter, so i decided to remove the air filter cylinder and see if it made any difference.

When i disconnected the fuel line to take the tank off again patrol was pissing out of the petcock regardless of what position the tap was at, handily explaining the choking problem, and really pissing me off.

Seeing as if i couldnt fix it i'd need a new one anyway i took the petcock off and dismantled it, the small washer/spring thing that forced the vacuum valve open when you put it to prime had somehow deformed and locked it into prime position.
This was nice to know at 9pm with the sun setting and the petcock in bits in the back yard. I removed the spring/washer thing that was for the prime position and reassembled it with it permanently in the on position.
The vacuum valve seems to be working ok, no fuel gets out unless there's suction on the vacuum pipe, but i'm not too happy with it so i'll be calling around the breakers looking for a newer one.
One off a B400 should be the same hopefully, anyone know if they vary from year to year?
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