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07 Oct 2017 - Bandit 400 Motor Build

Motor rebuild after a blown head gasket.
.5 mm piston and rings
gsxr 400 cams
Factory Pro shift kit
Barnet clutch
 re -look at a GSXR 1100 swing arm conversion from my current RF 900 conversion.

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03 Sep 2017 - GS500 Tail Light swap ?

I did a tail tidy last year and had to install an aftermarket light for the lisence plate. It works well, but it's a blue-ish light and it kind of clashes with the age of the bike.

I thought about this and I started looking for compatible headlights. My buddy had a gs500 from the same era...

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13 Jun 2017 - Foot Peg option

Found the following, ...since you can't order the Yosh one any more!
i need to synchronize my carburetor by feeler gauge any one know about the gauge ex;-(0.7mm,0.8mm) and i saw the manual carburetor service data instruction like this   (By-pass (B.P.)    #1:0.8 #2:0.7 #3:0.8 #4:0.8   <-)

12 May 2017 - change engine vc

Hello to everybody, i have a maybe tricky question.

I have the last bandit 400 vc that suzuki produced. I also have the previews vc model engine. can i swap them with no problem or do i need to swap the harness also and the CDI?

19 Apr 2017 - Tank forsale

Not mine. Dents look like they could get pooped out. Inside looks really good!


17 Apr 2017 - Spring Break n Garage

The bike did't sell, camping trip was canx....so a little play on the Bandit.
I'll more post pics later.
Moved rectifier and electrics, carbon fiber case covers, mounted overflow tank, and some touch ups.


My 2001 B12 has begun to stall out occasionally when starting.  I haven't done much trouble shooting yet, so I only have basic data at this point.  However, on the off chance someone else has seen something similar, I'll go ahead and post early and solicit ideas.

Symptoms:  Both cold and ...

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Hey, everyone.

Brand new here.

My 2001 Bandit 1200S has been a great bike.

I discovered a hose hanging on the left side of the bike (it's one of the vent hoses coming from the engine).

Well, I pulled the tank off a few months back, then had knee surgery. S...

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28 Mar 2017 - 2002 bandit woes

Hey guys. Back on New Years I became the owner of a 2002 bandit 1200 with 32,000 miles on her.
Hadn't been ridden in some time, just ran occasionally. Had sat under a cover for a year or more.
1,400$-couldn't pass it up.
3 months later, new tires, new brakes, new oil, cleaned carbs ...

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Hello forum members! As the title states, I'm a canuck from British Columbia, long time ( 40 yrs. ) rider.  Old dude! Anyway after a 10 day 3000 miles trip on a 1600 Kawasaki Nomad last year I said no more cruisers for me. Went around corners like a lumber wagon, waaaay too heavy. Sold it, found a 2...

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27 Mar 2017 - Fix it or part it out?

Hello Everyone,

I have not been on this forum in a looooong time. I am hoping you can help me. I have a 92 400 that has literally been sitting for 12 ish years. The last I touched it was removing and rebuilding the carbs. The tank is rusted, as is the tank from my parts bike....

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