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SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: Jap B400 VC carb jetting question
« Last post by T2098 on August 29, 2019, 02:33:25 PM »
When I jetted my 400VC I followed the factory service manual and did it as they specified, with the larger jets on cylinders 1 and 4.

The Bandit engine is liquid cooled and pretty cool-running at that from the factory with the 170 degree thermostat.   The two cooler cylinders likely have cooler cylinder heads and intake ports as well, and the cooler an intake port and its associated valves are, the less it atomizes the incoming fuel.

This lack of complete atomization is one of the main reasons why a cold engine needs to be run richer, both with fuel injection and carbs.   The cool intake port walls and intake valves leave an awful lot of little liquid fuel droplets un-vaporized, which just get pushed out the exhaust port as unburned hydrocarbons.

So the answer as to what the correct jets are for which cylinders depends on whether you're looking for nice even air/fuel ratios across cylinders (like Suzuki did with the Bandit, since it has zero issues with keeping itself cool) or whether you're trying to use the excess fuel to keep hot running cylinders cool and from overheating.  On a 70s-80s air cooled 4-cylinder it wasn't uncommon to see richer jets used on the hotter running inner cylinders to allow them to run a bit cooler - even if that meant the air/fuel ratio was perhaps richer than ideal for combustion and it cost you a little bit of fuel economy and some higher hydrocarbon emissions.
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: GSXR 750 Rear Shock Swap UPDATE
« Last post by panakos on July 28, 2019, 07:38:02 PM »
I just mounted an 06 gsxr shock, only a touch longer than stock, had to grind the rocker a bit for clearance for the larger spring, also relocation of the stock overflow is necessary (mine already was), I may lengthen the dogbones a bit to tweek ride height, will report back when the bike is back together and on the road.

That's probably too old, but with the k6 gsxr 600 shock, did you have any clearance issues when it fully compressed?
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Jap B400 VC carb jetting question
« Last post by Ivandit on July 01, 2019, 04:59:33 AM »
Hi there!

So last year I got a 6Sigma jet kit for my '94 VC, installed and running (apparently) well with a K&n air filter and stock exhaust.

The fitting instructions tell you to replace the stock jets with 105 on #2 and #3 and 102,5 on 1# and #4, which kinda made sense to me after reading about how that difference compensates the different cooling conditions on inner and outer cylinders, adding a bit of extra fuel to help #2 and #3 cooling:

But then...last week I was reading the japanese service manual prior to a valve clearance check and got a bit shocked when reading the carb specs:

So, apart from them being the same size (what's the point with the kit then??)...they are supposed to be fitted completely the other way around!! That is 105 on #1 and #4, 102,5 on #2 and #3.

Any thoughts/experience on this?

So far I've had different opinions, from "stick to the manual" (why the outer cylinders are set to be richer then??) to "the manual info is wrong" (hard to believe IMO...).

I just want to go back to stock jets, but I just don't know which is the right way...any help is much appreciated!! :beers:

CANADA / Yes, I'm Still Around......
« Last post by H2RICK on June 25, 2019, 07:58:35 PM »
and have been busy with a whole bunch of stuff. My wife has been working through health problems and I've kind of acted like her personal nurse, but.......that was part of the deal when I signed on back in 1972. For better or worse, etc etc. Fortunately she seems to be over the worst of everything at this point.
I see my buddy Bandit Allan has joined the board. We've spent many happy hours riding all over Alberta, BC, MT, WA and ID on our B12's.
I still have Big Red and she still remains my LD rapid transit camping bike and still runs and rides like a champ.
I finally had to replace the original chain and sprockets at 44, 870 km in August of 2015 so I can't complain that Big Red has cost a lot in repairs.......other than my crashes  :duh: and lotsa gas :grin: and those darn expensive Michelin Pilot Roads. :yikes:
Amazingly enough, another buddy of mine bought an '06 B12 and his is only 9 numbers earlier than mine. As well, a guy across the alley from another buddy just got an '06 B12 which he's street-fightering and his is only 100 numbers later than mine. Still more amazing, both those other bikes are what Suzuki calls "red" and both are non-ABS, exactly like mine. What are the odds ?? LOL  I wonder where all the other '06's are ??? :motorsmile:
Well, that's enough from me for now.
Keep the faith, Bandit riders.
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: Interfuses bandit 400 blog
« Last post by interfuse on June 12, 2019, 11:14:22 AM »
Front end swap is mostly complete. I still have to clean up some wiring etc. I've been riding to work and gsxr front end is pretty great. I can't wait for the brake pads to bed in!!

SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Main carburetor
« Last post by chamarang on April 27, 2019, 11:53:28 AM »
What is the main carbuator of suzuki gsf 250. When we see from left to right. Quickly need answer
GENERAL MECHANICAL & TECHNICAL / Right footpeg/brake pedal parts stack-up
« Last post by JerseyDog on April 11, 2019, 08:32:47 AM »
Good morning...
Have to replace the right-side footpeg/brake lever bracket on my 2000 GSF1200S. Can't seem to make it work right - if I tighten the bolt that goes through the bracket/brake pedal into the footpeg too much the pedal won't operate properly. Too loose and the bolt wants to back itself out. The parts diagrams I've found on-line are of no help, they don't provide enough detail. Does anyone know where to find a decent service manual, or perhaps provide a copy of the page in question if you have one?
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / gsf250 stator
« Last post by chamarang on March 22, 2019, 02:52:15 PM »
hi guys.what is the matching stator for suzuki gsf250 gj74a,  gs450,550,650 is ok with it.i saw it on ali express,looks like same.tell me if anyone know :roll:
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / spark plug die quickly
« Last post by chamarang on January 23, 2019, 01:36:31 PM »
hi! guys.i need a help for my 250cc bandit.problem is spark plug die quickly.placed the original japan plugs cr8e ,carburetor clean  restored and tuned for company settings.but plugs die after few miles running.but i know a fault the charging is not working correctly.idle position 13.8v-14v but when i accelerate from 1000 to up.charging going down from 14v to13.2,12.8v like that the reason for die the spark plug.and i saw the crack of 1 magnet  on fly wheel. i attached the photo here,please guys help me.give me an correct solution  :banghead:
BIG BANDIT BANTER / Re: It's been three Bandit projects...
« Last post by chevsuz12 on January 13, 2019, 05:46:14 PM »
Very nice bikes!
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