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SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: Newbie needs gsf250 "big bore" advice
« Last post by ventYl on January 13, 2018, 02:13:50 PM »
I don't believe you will be able to use anything of 400cc big bore kits/stuff. Difference in displacement is simply too large. I am also quite unsure about availability of 250cc big bore pars as GSX-R250 are far more scarce than GSX-R400 for which big bore kits were IMHO originaly designed.
SUZUKI BANDIT 650 and 1250 - WATER COOLED TECHNICAL / OEM chain or aftermarket
« Last post by plhcpat on January 08, 2018, 08:11:21 PM »
4th time trying to post 2007 1250 18765ish on miles. What is everyone doing
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: 3mm Piston kit 442cc
« Last post by TJS on January 07, 2018, 01:03:16 AM »
Not sure, We didn't get the 250 in the states. Check Canada, UK, Thailand, Phillipines ebay
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: 3mm Piston kit 442cc
« Last post by sdlp on January 06, 2018, 09:05:48 AM »
Is there a similar kit for the gsf250?
SUZUKI BANDIT 600 thru 1200 - AIR/OIL COOLED TECHNICAL / Re: B12 Front End Swap?
« Last post by China Greg on January 03, 2018, 02:06:10 PM »
Yeah, I'm probably never going to make the switch to USD forks. I just don't think it would be WORTH it.
I'm running proper-weight Sonic springs and a Gold Valve kit in front... and it handles wonderfully. I think changing it all around would just be a big, expensive hassle, when I'm already very happy with the handling.
Hello Beejkay!
Good to hear from you. Please add to the threads... we need ya! Tell us about your bike... what you like about it, changes you've made.

I have a feeling that, within a short time, air-cooled B12's are going to line up with Collectibles like CBX's and BKings.. well, maybe!

Emulsion tubes: I DID change mine at some point along the way... not because I really had to, but because I was Hitting & Hoping, trying to nail down some performance flaw.
What I DID find along that route was that my NEEDLES had worn, developed a STEP up on the barrel. Fortunately the Mfr replaced them for free... despite being pretty old. Changing them did clean up the roll-on some.

By all means, check back in here. I've got 140K on my '98 B12... have been through every system on the bike now...right down to the crank bearings and transmission shafts.. so I have a bit of info.
My 1999 is still running strong.  Did have to go thru the carbs and replace emulsifier tubes and get rid of the Dynojet kit that was in it.  Dales stuff worked out great and she flies!
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Newbie needs gsf250 "big bore" advice
« Last post by sdlp on December 28, 2017, 08:37:36 PM »
Hi All and sorry to bother you with this but I've been trying to work out my big bore options from the FAQs and previous postings and I'm getting a bit lost. I have a year 2000 gsf250 - what if any are my big bore options? Is there any way to take it out to a 400 with the internals from that engine? Any and all advice gratefully received

Thanks in advance

First Gen 1200's

...seem to have a DESIGN flaw.
I was having chain wear issues...only getting 5-8000 miles on a chain. There was also a lot of sprocket-chain CLATTERING noise, especially at the rear sprocket.
I tried a few things... finally discovered:

1) the chain adjustment marks were off by ONE FULL MARK. (I used a Motion Pro chain alignment tool to find this).

2) there is an inherent weakness in the rear axle assembly line-up... the SPACER that sits inside the sprocket carrier, fits between the inner wheel bearing and the outer wheel spacer (left side) gets PUMMELED, especially when the alignment marks are not perfect. the END FACE looks like someone hit it with a flat hammer repeatedly.
What this ends up doing is allowing a WOBBLE in the whole carrier, even when the axle is tightened down. So, when the chain is yanked forward, the entire sprocket will PULL to one side, causing a front to rear sprocket mis-alignment... causes a clattering noise (the chain wants to hang-up going over the front sprocket)... and you'll get excessive wear on one side of the sprocket only... and the chain won't last so long.

The reason I know this is a factory design flaw is because they CHANGED the rear carrier..and spacer.. on the 2nd Gen GSF's.

Keep an eye out for this when you change your tires: pull the carrier off the wheel hub (you should replace those rubber biscuits regularly anyway), and pull that center spacer out... look for signs the end has flat denting.

I'm bypassing all this by replacing EVERYTHING in the swingarm area.. including the swingarm.. with 2nd Gen parts: anything that changed part number, I'm swapping it out. Hopefully, this will give me all the benefits of the 2nd Gen factory design improvements.

But short of that, just make sure your rear sprocket carrier isn't LOOSE: grab it at three o'clock and nine o'clock and try to wobble it in and out. If you get PLAY, you'll now know why.
Yo, Evil, let us know how the project turns out.

Don't forget:

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