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I braved the cold last week and got a new set of tires, 160 rear mounted, and tag bracket.

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So I in the process of taking my carbs off to give them a good cleaning. Keep in mind I picked up this bike mid last year and after buying a house it sat while I played the "what does the house have in store for me" game which included a leaky roof and blown hot water heater and a few other fun and ...

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09 Jan 2014 - Carb questions

Happy new year everybody!  Kudos and much gratitude to those who resurrected the forum, and also, thanks heaps to those who maintained it all these years.

FYI, Canberra Motorcycle Centre and [url...

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I need a single piston caliper for my '01 GSXR1000.  Anyone know if, by chance, the B6 caliper would bolt up the GSXR caliper hanger?

08 Dec 2013 - I'm back....

Been a member for a long time when I had my 03 Bandit. I lost her back in the 08 timeframe and today, I'm back with another.

I got into a 98 1200.



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03 Dec 2013 - Winter Work

I am sure there are some topics in here that discuss this but I couldn't find one that really helps clarify all the fun.
I am planning on doing a lot of work on the 400 this winter. Going through and doing the valves, carbs etc. And some beautification work that has been lacking with the last o...

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Along my touring rides, I often stop and get that photo I end up using as a desktop theme which I rotate as the mood hits. Hopefully I can get myself and/or the bike into a photo at a scenic spot or known landmark which proves I was there, and its not simply a lifted Goggle Earth photo,, :yikes:Read More

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