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HELP!!  My '01 GSF1200 starts and idles normally but dies on slightest application of throttle.  No sputtering, no increase in RPM, just stops like the key was turned off.  This started after a tear down to replace the shift dogs and shift drum to fix a missing second gear.  I've torn down and done ...

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17 Feb 2014 - Replacement Indicators?

I have a GS1200SS 2004 model.
Does anyone know if I can replace the original indicators with LED aftermarket ones without having to get an LED style flasher as well.

I have a GSF 1250 A/SA Bandit 2012. The seat is very hard and am looking for another seat.
I need a softer seat and I have looked at some: Sargent, Corbin and more but i is not so many that say they have the seat for my model. Not all of them ship to Norway. Any recommendations?...

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Hey guys. I've been having a problem with my Bandit ever since I acquired it. First, it is hard to start. It usually requires me to push start in order to get it going. Second, the engine will lose power somewhere after the engine gets warm. The engine will continue to run but will only rev to 1k or...

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I braved the cold last week and got a new set of tires, 160 rear mounted, and tag bracket.

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So I in the process of taking my carbs off to give them a good cleaning. Keep in mind I picked up this bike mid last year and after buying a house it sat while I played the "what does the house have in store for me" game which included a leaky roof and blown hot water heater and a few other fun and ...

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09 Jan 2014 - Carb questions

Happy new year everybody!  Kudos and much gratitude to those who resurrected the forum, and also, thanks heaps to those who maintained it all these years.

FYI, Canberra Motorcycle Centre and [url...

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