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16 Mar 2014 - hayabusa handlebars

hi all im wondering will a hayabusa handlebar set up fit on a 2002 bandit 1200s i like the look of helibars its got a plate that covers top yoke so if anyone knows please let me know cheers Phil  :beers:
So... wondering what is next to do with this thing. I did get it in pieces, been putting things together and I think I have everything figured out. It's a 250P (1992) with a GJ47A engine, Mikuni carbs.

- New Battery
- New Oil/filter
- New Sparks
- New HT leads
- New fu...

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I need some help with this weird issue because I'm at a loss.
Whenever I steer to the right, even by 5 degrees angle, the RPM on my B400 will rise +- 500rpm. (it will accelerate).
Obviously this sounds to be a perfect case of throttle cable too tight. However turning rig...

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Hi, I have issues with leaking Keihin carbs in B600 1996. Sometimes, one or two of carbs are strongly leaking. I've cleaned all carbs, set float height to 17mm. After this setup, carbs were leaking even stronger. Later I swapped needle valves and checked that nothing leaks when floats are depressed ...

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Hi all,
I've started a Bandit 400 restoration. This is my first post on the forum which has already been great.

I've been rebuilding the carbs and noticed that this tiny little jet / pipe near the other jets, has the restrictor missing. Can anyone tell me what this jet is for?  Carbs...

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What rpm do you all have your shift light set at on your 1250fa's??? Is there an optimum point to change given the torquey engine???

23 Feb 2014 - looking for new bike

has been a while since i was last on here
sold my gj77a a few years ago due to the wife was bout to drop my 3rd wee one and as it turned out my first son  , HELL YEAH!!
since then , the dollars have started to free up and am lookin for a couple new bikes
prob another gj77a for around ...

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HELP!!  My '01 GSF1200 starts and idles normally but dies on slightest application of throttle.  No sputtering, no increase in RPM, just stops like the key was turned off.  This started after a tear down to replace the shift dogs and shift drum to fix a missing second gear.  I've torn down and done ...

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