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31 Aug 2016 - Painting brake calipers

Do I need a primer, ground coat  or base coat before painting my brake calipers with high heat Duplicolor
anodized paint?

13 Aug 2016 - B4 Odd frame number

Recently purchased a B4 and trying to discover more info.
The frame number is 'CHMP 4081 B06MP' strange in that it does not follow the published numbers.
Engine number is MP 4647 B06MP.
Other info:
Stainless steel exhaust, looks original at least in style.
Twin front disks.<...

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Last August I got a 1992 Bandit 400 US version with the 32mm carbs and it was working fine idling and throughout the revs. About 2 months ago I decided it was running a bit rich as there was always some black soot on my turn signal above the exhaust exit. I took the carbs off and turned the pilot...

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This is an '02 1200 with a gixxer intake cam, Holeshot stage 2 kit, pods, full Hindle system, GSX-R1100 front end, aftermarket tail, tubeless Alpina spoke wheels (for a Ducati Sport Classic), etc.  I "finished" this one some time in 2013:

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Hi i have a bandit 400v 1993 i think, it will not rev above 11800 -12000. in all gears do the some think. it is like something stops the bike there.

Thanks in advance

19 Jun 2016 - Bandit Build 5b

Bandit Build #5 was the orginal build on this bike a couple of years ago. It didn't sell, so time for a re-build aka Build 5b.
The plan:
1. CBR 929 with 1995 GSXR 750 Forks. This gives better trail and rake numbers. It has a 2mm additional offset when compared with the 1995 GSXR 750 tri...

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09 Jun 2016 - Main jet upgrade

Hi Guys

I have decided that I am going to start experimenting with bigger main jets. I want to order 3 sets of these:
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27 May 2016 - Busa Shock on 1250

I have a 2008 and last year the shock gave up the ghost.  So, all winter searched out the different replacement shocks, and also read about the Busa replacement option.  I found a lot on here regarding Busa shocks and B1200 but not so much regarding 1250.  So, if this has been beat to death, shoot m...

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Looking at a couple of 1250s, are there any downsides to getting the fully faired one, or is it just a case of personal preference?

I'd be doing my own maintenance, are the full fairings an obstruction/a pain to get off?

15 Apr 2016 - WEIRD iDLE DROP .......

 Good Day all!

 Bike is running ..... seems to be ok!

 Twist throttle , engine revs , let throttle close ... engine idles down to approx 2000 rpm , ten ever so slowly idle drops to around 1500 rpm , slowly , very slowly. Just the last 500 rpm drop is slow..... weird can't fig...

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14 Apr 2016 - fuel leak

Hi, new to forum. I have been reading a lot about carb rebuilding. here is my store picked up 93 bandit not running. one of the choke suply (copper tube broken ) replaced carb -replaced all o rings set float etc bike fired right up. now I have fuel comming what apears to be ventline? at top of...

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07 Apr 2016 - Fuel hose routing ??

 Working on a 1992 GSF 400(the fast Red one). Prior to me arriving on the scene , there was a real knucklehead at work on this bike!

 I understand the Vacuum line from intake to pump side of petcock.

 I understand the fuel feed from petcock to lower port on carb bank.
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