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03 Jan 2017 - Connector on right side

Hi folks, I've been away from here since this precious moment (scroll to the top).  :bandit: I've been riding an SV650 until now. I just managed to pick up a 2000 Bandit S 1200 in pretty mint condit...

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24 Dec 2016 - swingarm swaps

swapping new swingarms

07 Dec 2016 - Bandit Pins

Pins for ideas. Please drop some for me to add!



07 Dec 2016 - 3mm Piston kit 442cc

For those looking...

TTS Performance have been the UK distributors for JE Powersport forged pistons for 20 years. As distributors we have had custom pistons made for...

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Hey, my name is Max. I'm 22 and just got my motorcycle license in September.

So I bought a 1991 GSF 400 just after I got my license and I've been enjoying it a lot.

I have put around 800km on it already !

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23 Nov 2016 - 1mm Kit + GSXR 400 cams

I have this in the For Sale section. It will come with a perfect tank, OEM 1mm piston kit and GSXR 400 cams.

Hi everyone

My bandit is smoking. I was going to pull the top end off and the original plan was to resleeve and keep the original pistons.

The problem is that I don't find sleeves or over sized pistons for sale anywhere...

Is this the end? No parts means no point of ...

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When the petcock on my Bandit started leaking and "making oil" in the crankcase, I found the rubber diaphragm to be in virtually new condition, so I just stretched the original spring to get a little more closing force.  That shortcut, of course, only lasted a couple of months, so I recently replace...

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21 Oct 2016 - brake caliper swap?

has anyone tried swapping the front calipers on a gen 1 b1200 over for a set of the six piston ones from the gen 2 1200?
id anticipate if they did just bolt up you would be best to also swap over the master cylinder.

12 Oct 2016 - Need Fiche!

Anyone more tech savvy than me! I would like to have just a print out of all the Microfiche and the part numbers. Like what you find on Ron Ayers or Suzuki Warehouse. I could just print their page, but I want the part diagram to be full page.

31 Aug 2016 - Painting brake calipers

Do I need a primer, ground coat  or base coat before painting my brake calipers with high heat Duplicolor
anodized paint?

13 Aug 2016 - B4 Odd frame number

Recently purchased a B4 and trying to discover more info.
The frame number is 'CHMP 4081 B06MP' strange in that it does not follow the published numbers.
Engine number is MP 4647 B06MP.
Other info:
Stainless steel exhaust, looks original at least in style.
Twin front disks.<...

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