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BIKES/PARTS/GEAR for sale/wanted / Gsxr1000 2007 rear shock
« Last post by ZipTi on September 19, 2018, 04:31:41 PM »
2007 GSXR1000 stock shock, $35.00 plus actual shipping.
BIKES/PARTS/GEAR for sale/wanted / shaved & painted gen 1 swingarm
« Last post by ZipTi on September 19, 2018, 04:29:37 PM »
Gen 1 swing arm shaved & painted "Black Chrome", stock length. $50 plus actual shipping. email for more pictures.
GENERAL MOTORCYCLE / Re: As David Bowie said: bike ďCh-ch-changesĒ
« Last post by stormi on September 07, 2018, 02:21:33 AM »
It definitely is addictive.  You learn how to handle the bike instead of it handling you - which is a problem sometimes for me because of my stature - especially on the VFR. The notion of fairly safe high speed riding that doesnít earn you points on your license doesnít suck either....

Ouch! Hopefully you are completely healed - donít rush it though.  It will mean even more recovery time if you re-injure it.   I goobered my rotator cuff last year, and it took almost a year and a cortisone injection.  Itís still not 100% but I can finally take off a hoodie that doesnít zip open again.  Before, I needed help getting it over my head.  :roll: Strangely, riding didnít hurt it much because leaning into the bars supported it, whereas it was dangling sorts of positions that really set it off.
GENERAL MOTORCYCLE / Re: As David Bowie said: bike ďCh-ch-changesĒ
« Last post by interfuse on September 06, 2018, 10:26:31 PM »
Oh that does sound like fun. I'd imagine it would be addictive.

I tore a tendon in my forearm in April and haven't been able to ride. :banghead:  I think its mostly healed now so I'm hoping to get out in the fall.
GENERAL MOTORCYCLE / Re: As David Bowie said: bike ďCh-ch-changesĒ
« Last post by stormi on September 01, 2018, 03:51:18 AM »
Ride report: 

Lol!  O.m.g.  What a fun little bike!  Itís at about 1100kms now and almost 10% of that was a track day / performance riding class 2 weekends ago.   I might be hooked - donít tell r_outsider!  And, if Iíd been braver - Iíd even have managed to pass that r6 in the corners (only to be passed back in the straights....)

Iíve seen the pics and it wasnít all that impressive but there sure was a lot of grinning (when I wasnít hollering in fear!) in my helmet.   Apparently I thought some grass needed mowing in one particular corner though, so Iím going to need some more practice. ;)
BIKES/PARTS/GEAR for sale/wanted / PM Racing mags off 2000 1200s
« Last post by Dragonknee on August 04, 2018, 01:16:34 PM »
I will be pulling a set of PM racing wheels off of my 2000 Suzuki 1200s in the near future. I was wondering if there was any interest in them. Thanks
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: suzuki gsf250 fly wheel puller
« Last post by Raffles on July 04, 2018, 06:35:01 PM »
The Suzuki part number for the GSF250 flywheel puller is 09930-30180 and that would seem to suggest specs of M30 x 1.5 RH female.
Hiya. I still don't know what happened here... But I fixed the problem by starting over. I dumped out the oil that was in there. I measured new oil per factory spec and put it in and lo and behold, I had to remove about 20ml to get to the proper air gap.  Reassembled it with 12.5wt oil and a set cheap/non-progressive springs that work GREAT (got em on ebay).  That with the 'busa rear shock and this thing handles great.
SUZUKI BANDIT 250 & 400 / Re: suzuki gsf250 fly wheel puller
« Last post by greg737 on June 26, 2018, 12:57:08 AM »
The Rotor Remover tool for the GSF400 is Suzuki part number 09930-34960 and the specifications for the tool are: Flywheel Puller, YFM, M35X1.5 R.H. Internal Thread X 75 mm

I would be amazed if this tool isn't the proper tool for the GSF250 also.  Available from Motion Pro for $25
E-3, E-22 are versions for different countries. It is based on market for which bike was originally destined. If you are not sure about it, you can try to match these to other identifiers on bike. On B4, carbs also have identifiers stamped on them which are different for different countries and manual contains a table listing which carb codes match which country codes. Try to check these. Code looks like 10D30 or something like that. YMMV. List of markets and E- identifiers is at the beginning of workshop manual.

Are you sure your bike has stock front fork and hasn't been swapped for something better in the past? 508ml seems like a reasonable amount of oil for stock non-USD non-adjustable fork. I've been replacing oil in my forks recently and had opposite situation. I poured 495ml into each leg and had to remove about 1-2ml from each leg to get correct fluid level. I expect this was because of residual oil which left in leg.
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